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Tesco Fuel Card Review 2018

tesco fuel card review

Tesco Fuel Cards Review 2018

Tesco are one of the most well-known supermarket brands in the UK and have been selling petrol as a side line for a while now. Tescos and other supermarkets generally buy their petrol wholesale and are not allied to any one particular petrochemical company such as BP or Texaco. As such Tesco business fuel cards do not exist in their purest form but there are a number of companies that offer deals which include the supermarket’s service stations in their remit.

As they buy their fuel wholesale, and because it is connected to their supermarket business, Tesco can generally provide consumers with very competitive, often below the market average, fuel prices. There may be an in-house Tesco petrol card that is suitable for businesses in the pipeline but many fleets would find it prohibitive if they did not also have access to other service sites throughout the UK and, indeed, Europe. In the meantime, there are a quite a few business fuel cards that can be used at Tesco service stations.

Tesco Fuel Card Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual FeesNone
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Fixed weekly price for diesel
Reporting tools to keep track of fuel usage
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Tesco Fuel Card Options

Supermarket cards are becoming increasingly popular especially for smaller businesses who want an arrangement with few extra charges and no minimum fuel usage limit. In addition to getting access to excellent fuel discounts they can also benefit from online fuel management tools as well as clear, electronic invoicing that allows them to keep track of their fleet, however big or small.

The main providers of a type of Tesco business fuel card are Fuel Genie, who also ally themselves with supermarkets such as Morrisons, the UK Fuels Fuel Card, and the Texaco FastFuel Card which can also be used at any one of around 2,000 outlets including Tesco service stations.

The main cards detailed below that allow fuel payments in Tesco services ask for no upfront fees from businesses and there are generally no transaction fees or charges. In addition, many of the companies that administer the cards offer favourable credit arrangements (subject to status).

Fuel Cards

Fuel CardBrandSupermarket CoverageBenefitCompare
Fuel GenieTesco and Morrisons1,000 locations throughout UKSave money by comparing quotes
UK FuelsTesco, Morrisons & The Co-operativeLow fuel pricesSave money by comparing quotes
Texaco FastFuel CardTescosNetwork of 2,000+ service stationsSave money by comparing quotes

Fuel Genie

fuel genie tesco fuel card

Fuel Genie is one of the main supermarket fuel card providers and count both Tesco and Morrisons amongst the places where businesses can fill up and pay. It’s free to apply for the card and there are no upfront charges – you simply use the card for fuel and then pay for it either weekly or monthly through an invoice to your business.

  • Set card usage limits and manage all aspects of the account online
  • 24 hour support to help if there is a problem like the need to cancel a card.
  • Can be used in up to 1,000 different locations throughout the UK.
  • HMRC approved invoicing that is easy to understand and gets rid of paper receipts whilst streamlining administration processes.

UK Fuels Fuel Card

uk fuels tesco fuel card

Similarly, UK Fuels do away with transaction charges and joining fees with their fuel card which gives businesses access to around 1,600 outlets across the UK for Tesco, Morrisons and The Co-operative. In addition they also have access to selected BP, Texaco, UK Fuels and Total service stations.

  • Online management tools that allow businesses to keep track of all their transactions.
  • The option of fixed weekly diesel prices that allow businesses to plan for the immediate future.
  • Low fuel prices and interest free credit available subject to status.

Texaco FastFuel Card

texaco tesco fuel card

The Texaco FastFuel Card gives businesses a wider access to service stations across the UK including Tescos, although using the supermarket attracts a small surcharge. Again there are generally no transaction fees and no upfront costs so businesses can treat this as a more flexible Tesco Fuel Card, which is how it behaves in reality.

  • Secure nationwide network of over 2,000 service stations.
  • Suitable for fleets as small as three vehicles to large groups of LGVs and HGVs.
  • A dedicated online account management system that helps you keep track of every transaction with automatic electronic invoicing and payment.
  • Offers up to 4 pence off the national average of fuel prices.


Although there are no certified Tesco Fuel Cards available there are plenty of options out there for businesses that want to confine themselves and their drivers to one supermarket. Most supply the cards free of charge and do not have any transaction charges or up-front fees. Add to that they all offer a credit system for businesses that need it.

Having a fuel card that is allied to only one supermarket could well suit small businesses that operate over a limited area but many other businesses may want to look at other cards that provide a more comprehensive coverage.

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