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Supermarket Fuel Cards Review

There are a number of fuel card companies nowadays that give businesses access to the forecourts of some of our most popular supermarkets. Chains such as TescoSainsbury’s and Morrison’s all run a comprehensive fuel supply network with service stations on site at their main stores. Fuel card companies have been offering products that can be used at these fuelling points in a couple of ways over recent years, as part of a wider provision for fleets operating across the UK and Europe but also as a more focused card that simply gives local businesses access to low costs and better fuel management and administration.

Businesses will no doubt like the dual benefits of a supermarket fuel card where they can get better bulk prices by subscribing to a particular provider as well as taking advantage of the supermarket’s own buying power. But for many fleets it is also a question of reducing costs by cutting down on administration and providing their drivers or employees with a secure and easy way to purchase fuel.

  • Most supermarkets, except Sainsbury’s, do not produce their own brand fuel card.
  • Coverage for sites at Tesco, Morrison’s and Somerfield is provided by independent suppliers.
  • Asda does not currently take part in any fuel card provision.
AllstarSupermarket Fuel CardTescos
1.100 sites nationwideNo setup fee
No annual charges
The Fuel Card PeopleTexaco Fastfuel CardTescos
2,000 sites nationwideNo setup fee
No annual charges
The Fuel Card PeopleUK Fuels CardTescos
1,600 sites nationwideNo setup fee
No annual charges
The Fuel Card PeopleDiesel Direct Fuel CardMorrisons
2,000 sites nationwideNo setup fee
No annual charges
Sainsbury’sSainsbury’s Fuel CardSainsbury’s250 sites nationwideNo setup fee
No annual charges

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What to Look for in a Supermarket Fuel Card

Whilst a supermarket fuel card can provide access to greater savings for some business fleets, there are a number of reasons why it may or may not be suitable. For a company that needs greater national or even European coverage it might be more cost effective to select a card provider that gives a wider spread of service stations. Alternatively, those companies that operate a fleet more locally may well find it just as cost effective to tie their drivers to one or two particular supermarket refuelling sites.

The key areas to look at with a supermarket fuel card, as with other products, include:

  • The number of outlets that the card can be used at and whether it is suitable for your business fleet needs.
  • The cost of the card, including any upfront charges or annual fee.
  • The support provided by the supermarket fuel card company including by telephone and online.
  • The fuel management tools that are available online including provision for producing reports and managing individual cards.

Supermarket Fuel Card Companies

There are a number of different supermarket fuel cards, from both companies and resuppliers, that provide access to a sizeable network. The Fuel Genie offers businesses across the UK over 1,000 Tesco and Morrisons forecourts. The All Stars supermarket fuel card boasts access to low pump prices across several outlets and the Fuelcard People provide a list of Texaco and UK Fuels cards that can be used at service stations belonging to the likes of Tesco and The Co-operative.

Supermarket Fuel Cards

Allstar Fuel Card

allstar logo

The Allstar Company produce a number of fuel cards and say they have one of the widest UK service station networks in the market. Their supermarket card comes with the prospect of savings on pump prices as well as a comprehensive national network of stations.

  • Access to over 1,100 Tesco, Morrions and Sainsbury’s fuel stations.
  • 3-4 pence savings on pump prices.
  • Comprehensive online management tools.
  • HMRC approved fuel invoicing that is collected through direct debit.

The Fuel Card People

the fuelcard people logo

The Fuel Card People are a reseller and deal with a number of brands that also give businesses access to supermarket sites, including:

  • Texaco Fastfuel Card provides a network of Tesco, Morrisons, Co-operative and Moto stations across the UK.
  • UK Fuels Card gives access to over 1,000 sites nationwide including Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-operative.
  • Diesel Direct Fuel Card offers access to some 2,000 sites including Morrisons and Co-operative.


sainsburys logo

Sainsbury’s is the only supermarket that has it’s own fuel card. If you have a small, local fleet, a Sainsbury’s fuel card can have great benefits for your business. It is also possible to collect Nectar Points with the fuel card, which is a great benefit for your drivers.

Other Fuel Cards

The above supermarket fuel card suppliers are just a few in a competitive market so it pays to shop around and compare like for like. For instance, the Texaco and UK Fuels cards and available from a number of resellers who offer similar benefits and support structures.


Whilst there are no set supermarket cards per se (with the exception of Sainsbury’s branded card), there are a number of suppliers and resellers who provide cards that can be used at these forecourts. Some supposed supermarket fuel cards are actually general ones that have an additional network associated with them, such as the Texaco Fastfuel Card.

Supermarket fuel cards are ideal for a range of fleets, but more notably for smaller, localised ones that can benefit from a single point of refuelling for drivers. Most of the cards come with no initial or annual cost and generally do not stipulate a minimum usage as more widely used fuel cards often do.

Next Steps

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