Shell Fuel Cards Review: Are They Right for Your Fleet?

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The best Shell fuel cards: reviews

Operating in over 70 countries across the world and with a brand name that epitomises petrol delivery and service, it’s no real surprise that Shell produces its own range of business fuel cards that are designed to effectively manage the operational costs of UK fleets of cars, vans, trucks and buses. Not many people know that the company is over 200 years old and used to be an antiques dealership in London but began carrying bulk oil in the late 19th Century. From that point it grew steadily into one of the major fossil fuel energy companies in the world.

Shell Fuel Cards have been developed to assist business both large and small to maximise their energy savings when operating in the UK and across Europe. Fuel is the single biggest expense that many businesses which operate a transport infrastructure have to tackle whether it’s for a fleet of sales cars, delivery trucks or buses. As with other fuel cards, the Shell petrol card provides not only the chance of discounts on fuel costs but also access to account management technology that helps businesses make a difference and find a more economical way of working.

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Shell Fuel Card Review
Sign-Up Fees£15
Annual Fees£12 per card per year depending on fuel consumption
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Block or order new cards easily online
Produce useful reports on fuel usage for individuals and the entire fleet

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Shell fuel card prices

There are two Shell Fuel Cards that distinguish between cars and vans on the one hand and trucks and coaches on the other. The company charge an initial £15 set up fee and then £1 per month for each card needed (£12 annually). Various options are available depending on how much you spend on fuel a month and for larger fleets with bigger outlays contacting the customer service desk directly can provide an opportunity to reduce those Shell fuel card prices.

Shell petrol card options

The Euro Shell Fuel Cards available provide a secure and efficient way for businesses to manage the costs of their fleets and give vehicles access to an extensive service station network across the UK and in Europe. They offer cards that are designed for a single network or multi-network which also takes into account the Shell’s partners, adding up to around 40,000 Shell forecourts world-wide and further 10,000 additional locations.

In addition to the payment options for fleets, Shell also incorporate a comprehensive Shell Card Online Service which provides everything a business needs to manage their transport costs. This includes security features, setting up automatic billing and alerts, and cancelling or ordering cards, as well as fuel consumption monitoring innovations like their FuelSave feature.

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EuroShell Card

Euroshell Fuel Card for Cars and Vans

With the Shell Fuel Card, UK fleets and businesses can get a range of benefits that help reduce costs and keep track of individual and overall fuel consumption.

  • A secure and cost effective way for fleets to buy fuel.
  • Businesses get access to discounts and can keep control and monitor individual and across-the-board fuel usage.
  • The Shell Fuel Card gives access to one of the largest fuel networks in Europe.
  • Accounts can be managed online at any time via computer access to the network.
  • The card can also be used to pay for road tolls, ferry crossings and more.

EuroShell Fuel Card for Trucks and Coaches

Trucks and coaches often need access to more specialist sites and the Shell Fuel Card provides all the benefits of a large network provision.

  • Access to over 2,500 sites across the UK and Europe.
  • Pre-warning about the following week’s fuel prices to help manage costs.
  • The option to access a single network or multi-network site provision at an international level.
  • European breakdown and truck cleaning service at selected sites.


For the Shell Fuel Card, reviews have been favourable which is understandable for a large company that has access to an extensive network of service stations not only in the UK and across Europe but around the world. The initial cost of the card is comparable to other suppliers but are far outweighed by the cost savings on discounted fuel and the benefits of having a comprehensive fuel management tool available online.

The ability to manage the card account from any pc that has a Wi-Fi connection means that businesses are better able to monitor fuel usage for individual drivers and vehicles. The software helps to generate a number of reports and cards can be blocked or ordered at the push of a button if needed. The Shell Fuel Cards can also be designated for use for costs such as toll payments and ferry crossings.

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