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ReD Fuel Card Review 2018

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ReD Fuel Card Review

If you are looking for the ReD fuel card from Retail Decisions UK then the bad news is that the card has been discontinued and is no longer available for new customers. The good news is that the card is actually still available under another brand name issued by The Fuelcard Company.

ReD fuel cards was part of Retail Decisions UK, an Ipswich based but global firm that recently merged with universal payment company ACI. The company had been supplying fuel cards and fuel bunkering in addition to a wealth of other management services across the UK and Europe. The ReD fuel card strand of their business was actually sold to Fleetcor Technologies in 2009.

Unlike Retail Decisions UK which had a wide range of interests, Fleetcor are a specific fuel card and workforce payment service that operates in both America and Europe. ReD fuel cards often struggled to compete in the UK and Europe, at their height only offering a network of some 800 service stations compared to other suppliers providing thousands and the opportunity for prime discounts from certain fuel brands. Whilst Retail Decisions UK struggled in the fuel card market, Fleetcor, after acquiring the Fuelcard Company have been able to expand and now offer a wide network that includes brands such as Esso and Texaco.

ReD fuel card review
Arval Fuel Card Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual Fees£18 per card
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Fixed price or pump price cards available
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Alternatives to ReD Fuel Cards

If you are looking for an alternative to Retail Decisions’ ReD Fuel Card then there are plenty on the current market to choose from. The Fuelcard Company serve over 65,000 business fleets across the UK and they boast 120 full time fuel card specialists who can help you get the right options for your business.

The company has developed the customer base that came with its acquisition of the ReD Fuel Card and has formed solid partnerships with a number of major fuel suppliers such as Texaco, Shell and Esso acting as a distributer for their cards. This gives businesses a large number of sites where the cards can be used both across the UK and within Europe.

Fuel Cards

Shell Fuel Card

red shell fuel card

Shell are one of the big players in the global oil business and there are a number of cards available for fleets depending on size, type of vehicle and where you travel to. All the cards come with time saving digital invoicing and online fuel card management systems. There is an annual cost of £18 per card and the minimum monthly spend is £300.

  • euroShell Fleet Fuel Card (Single Network)
  • euroShell Fleet Fuel Card (Multi-Network)
  • euroShell Fleet List Price Fuel Card
  • euroShell CRT Fuel Card

Esso Fuel Card

esso red fuel card

The Esso card provision is similar to shell with single and multi-networks available. A selection of three cards gives fleet managers access to 1,100 Esso sites and a further 900 or so Shell sites depending on the options taken. Again, with the Fuelcard Company there is an annual cost of £18 for each card and the minimum monthly spend is £300.

Texaco Fuel Card

texaco red fuel card

The Texaco Fastfuel Card is aimed at diesel fleets and can be used at 1,600 Texaco and UK Fuels sites across the UK. Users benefit from a set weekly diesel price which helps to manage fleet budgets. There is a cost of £18 for each card per year.

Keyfuels Card

keyfuels red fuel card

Again, ideal for diesel fleets, the card gives users access to over 1,200 sites on the Keyfuels network. The annual fee for each card is £18 and there is a minimum spend of £300.


Whilst the ReD fuel card from Retail Decisions UK may no longer exist, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, including the provision from the Fuelcard Company which is based in Yorkshire. The cards cover a wide range of sites across the UK and many also provide products that are specifically aimed at fleets who operate across Europe.

The value added extra for many fuel cards nowadays is the online management software that is available. This means that fleet owners can keep track of their spending and organise deliveries more economically with the production of a number of real time reports. Whereas other fuel card suppliers make no annual charge for cards, there is a payment of £18 for each one from the Fuelcard Company as well as a minimum monthly spend required.

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