A Guide To Prepaid Fuel Cards

By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 13 June 2018

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There are several different ways of using a fuel card to manage your fuel costs. Some cards use a pay as you go system, much like you might with a mobile phone. However, one of the most popular methods of payment is the prepaid fuel card.

What Is A Prepaid Fuel Card?

Prepaid fuel cards are a system of payment that allows a card to carry credit to be used when purchasing fuel. This can be managed by weekly top ups through a direct debit or topping each card up online before usage. A relatively new development in the UK market, prepaid fuel cards are proving to be a very popular method of fuel payment for any company with a fleet of vehicles at the heart of their procedure.

Some UK prepaid fuel card suppliers are:

The Fuelcard Company LogoThe Fuelcard Company – Diesel Advance• Top-up online with your credit or debit card
• Fixed weekly price
• Low balance alert emails
• 24 hour access to online services
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Barclaycard LogoBarclaycard Fuel+• HMRC compliant expense claims
• Card protected by Visa Chip and PIN technology
• Card can be used at any filling station with a card machine
• Available to companies with a business fuel spend of more than £100,000 p.a.
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Bread LogoBread4Business – Bread Fuel Card• Instant loading and unloading of cards 24/7
• Card can be used at any filling station with a card machine
• Centralised online account management
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Benefits Of A Prepaid Fuel Card

There are many benefits to using prepaid fuel cards rather than the pay as you go method. Although the pay as you go method might suit certain businesses, there are some significant advantages to using the prepaid fuel card system.

Greater Control Of Prepaid Fuel Cards

Fuel costs in the 21st century can be crippling to a company if not kept well in check. By setting limits on fuel spending, a company can ensure that those costs are no more a problem than they need to be.

By assigning fuel cards with a pay as you go payment system to their employees, a company is essentially allowing major expenditure decision to be made by those with no experience in running a fleet of vehicles or overview of the sizeable costs that this entails. Because it is such an important area of a business running such a venture, it can be vital to be able to set these limits beforehand.

Although it may sound the case, this is not a simple matter of mistrust of employee practice. By calculating these costs before hand, a driver can focus on their job with little mind paid to the running costs of their vehicle.

Convenience Of Prepaid Fuel Cards

Using credit cards and pay as you go payment methods can be a more complicated means of payment. A prepaid fuel card is much like a cash transaction but without the risks associated with carrying cash.

An employee only need present the fuel card to the cashier and then be on their way. This simplification of a much-repeated process can save time over the long term.

Prepaid Fuel Cards Are Without Charges

Unlike credit cards, prepaid fuel cards carry no hidden costs or usage charges. Although there are certain security issues that can be covered by credit card purchases, the extra charges they incur can lead to enormous costs over the long term. In fact the larger the fleet of vehicles, the more saving a business can enjoy with prepaid fuel cards.

Management Of Prepaid Fuel Cards

As previously mentioned, fuel costs can be frightening high for a company that employs many vehicles in its operation. By being able to keep accurate records of these transactions, a company can enjoy a very precise overview of the whole undertaking. This allows for greater manipulation of the whole process.

Being able to budget for large expenditure, such as fuel costs, greatly benefits a business. Being able to cut back funding in other areas, or even expand it, can help a company run more efficiently, something that it may not have been possible otherwise.

Prepaid Fuel Cards And Credit Card Checks

For some companies, particularly those starting out or those in financial difficulty, credit cards are simply not an option. By using as prepaid fuel card instead, a business can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of card payment without the need to pass stringent and restrictive credit checks.

Next Steps

There are many options available to a business that might want to use a prepaid fuel card or other fuel payment method. While most suppliers are reputable, some companies are best avoided.

It is also important that a business utilises the right type of card for their business’s requirements. By filling in our simple to use web form, it should take no longer than a minute, you can compare the prepaid fuel cards that are right for your business’s size, scope and budget, saving you time, frustration and possible heartache in the future.

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