Keyfuels Fuel Card Review & Prices

By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 4 March 2019

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Keyfuels Fuel Card Review

Keyfuels provides access to one of the largest multi-brand networks in the UK including most fuel company brands, supermarkets, and motorway service stations. There are two options: Keyfuels Direct for businesses that purchase fuel in bulk and store it at their own premises and/or wish to access it through the network, and Keyfuels Pay-G which is a pay as you go card. Up to 14 days free credit is available.

Keyfuels is a market leader in the supply of fuel cards to commercial vehicle operators. The company has served the haulage sector for over 100 years and has 35 years experience in fuel management. The Keyfuels network is the UK’s largest multi-branded wholesale network. It includes a range fuel company brands, major supermarkets (like Tesco) and motorway service stations. The full network consists of 1,800 individual sites. Keyfuels is owned by FleetCar which has a total customer base of over 750,000 fleets worldwide.

The two Keyfuels card are Keyfuels Pay-G and Keyfuels Direct. While the first is a conventional kind of pay as you go fuel card, Keyfuels Direct is used by business that purchase wholesale fuel in bulk and refuel at a combination of their sites and on to road filling stations. Benefits of Keyfuels include advanced management information systems, online account management, and enhanced security.

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Keyfuels Fuel Card Review
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Keyfuels Fuel Card Prices

While Keyfuels doesn’t provide specific prices as these are negotiated on an individual basis; there are management charges which will depend on a range of factors including amongst the size of your fleet and the kind of card you use.

Keyfuels Fuel Card Overview

The Keyfuels network includes over 1,800 sites and plans are in place to increase it year on year. It is larger than any single fuel company brand and the largest multi-branded network in the UK with a mix of Motorway Service Areas, Supermarkets, and branded fuel stations and truck-stops. The network has been designed to provide strategic refuelling locations in all key towns and cities, trunk roads and motorways.

Keyfuels also provides extensive online and offline management reports and control. Customers can order additional cards online, stop and amend cards in real time, control card purchase limits. Unusual spending patterns can be rapidly identified and automatically flagged, and vehicle performance and fuel consumption can be monitored. Consolidated HMRC VAT compliant invoices are provided ensuring that you can reclaim all the VAT owed to you.

Keyfuels Fuel Cards

Keyfuels Direct is a fuel bunkering solution in which businesses are able to negotiate the best fuel prices directly with the fuel companies. Thus you can purchase wholesale fuel via the spot market or through specific supplier contracts. This allows you take advantage of the best available commercial prices.

Once you have purchased the fuel, you can access it at any filling station within the Keyfuels network. You can also choose to store the fuel at your own depots. Additional benefits include:

  • Advanced online account management and control solutions
  • Enhanced security
  • Weekly invoicing and 14 days interest free credit
  • Consolidated HMRC VAT approved invoicing

Keyfuels PAY-G

Unlike Keyfuels Direct, with Keyfuels PAY-G there is no requirement to purchase fuel in bulk. Instead wholesale diesel prices are set weekly and are based on the average wholesale prices. This provides a considerable saving compared with retail diesel prices.

An important benefit is that there is no need to hold a stock asset in your accounts; thus you can allocate costs to specific vehicles and jobs.


Keyfuels claim to be the largest fuel management provider in the UK and customer satisfaction levels are around 89 percent. The company has received Best Companies status. There is little doubt that for large fleets Keyfuels fuel cards is an excellent solution that can provide big savings. While all reasonably sized fleets can benefit from the Keyfuels PAY-G cards, particularly large fleets are able to leverage their heavy usage to obtain even greater savings through bulk purchase.

Additional reasons for choosing Keyfuels include enhanced security, easy real time account management, advanced reporting options, and other account enhancements. As management fees are negotiated on a company by company basis, you will need to balance the costs against the benefits in order to decide if it is the best solution for you.

Next Steps

For many fleets, Keyfuels fuel cards will make an excellent choice, but is it the optimal solution for your business? To help you find out more, just fill in our web form and you will receive a number of free quotations tailored to your specific needs.

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