The Fuelcard People Review 2020

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

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The Fuelcard People Review

The Fuelcard People is an independent fuel card company that supplies a wide range of fuel cards including brand leaders such as Shell, Esso, Texaco, BP, UK Fuels, and Diesel Direct. Their clients include sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, public companies, and the private sector.

By offering a wide range of 16 alternative fuel cards that include an international network of around 24,000 fuelling stations across Europe the company claims to have a solution for just about every fuel card requirement. They claim to offer significant savings with no hidden charges. With commercial rate fuel cards prices are fixed weekly.

Sign-Up FeesDepending on card
Annual FeesDepending on card
SupportDepending on card
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver, vehicle or cost centre
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Automatic invoicing
Interest free credit options
Environmental monitoring

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The Fuelcard People Prices

As the Fuelcard People provides a wide range of alternative fuel cards, pricing is provided on an individual basis and depends on the type of card, your fleet, and your fuel type. However there are no transaction fees on top of pump prices.

The Fuelcard People Overview

The Fuelcard People cards include all of BP, Texaco, Emo, Esso, Shell, Gulf, Pace, Diesel Direct and UK Fuels networks. In the UK their cards are accepted at 7,000 service stations which is around 80 percent of all filling stations. All customers are assigned a specified account manager who deals with all aspects and enquires relating to the account. Customers can also access and control their account online in real time. Reports provide information on card usage, cost analysis, and any irregular usage patterns. Cards can be stopped, blocked or modified online. Payment terms are subject to credit status and all invoices are EU and HMRC approved for VAT.

The Fuelcard People can also help you determine and control your fleet carbon emissions. They provide a CO2Count service which monitors emissions so that you can take steps to reduce them. Accurate fuel consumption figures are provided. The Fuelcard People reports also separate business mileage from private usage according to HMRC requirements. Customers are able to access zero-liability fuel card insurance.

The Fuelcard People Fuel Cards


The complete range of The Fuelcard People fuel cards include:

  • Shell
  • Esso
  • BP
  • Texaco
  • Gulf
  • Pace
  • Emo
  • Scania
  • Diesel Direct
  • UK Fuels


As an independent supplier The Fuelcard People can supply clients with a wide range of alternative fuel card solutions. The company also provides a comprehensive range of services including an identified account manager. For many companies this will be a practical solution that is worth paying for, however it might not be the most cost effective solution.

While The Fuelcard People don’t charge an additional fee for using their service, they assume the role of a middleman, thus it is likely that you would achieve greater savings by signing up with fuel card suppliers directly rather than through them. For those companies who are looking for professional fleet management solutions rather than focusing only on cheap fuel, The Fuelcard People may offer the best value-added option.

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Next Steps

IF you are seeking to optimise your fuel card services and cost savings, then the Fuelcard People might not be the best choice for you; you might be better off with a direct contract with a fuel card supplier. For help with this, please complete our web form and you will receive several quotations tailored to your specific business needs directly from fuel card suppliers. It is easy to do and will probably save you money.

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