The Fuelcard Company Review 2020

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

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The Fuelcard Company – 2020 Review

The Fuelcard company produces a range of solutions for businesses of any size, from small fleets to large organisations, and purport to be one of the biggest fuel card resellers in the country. They operate UK wide and have connections with major fuel operators including Texaco, Esso and Shell. The Fuelcard Company range is considered to be some of the most competitive in the market and they offer the service to all types of vehicles from car fleets to HGVs.

With around 65,000 customers in the UK, the aim of the Fuelcard Company is to find the right, tailor-made solution for each business and back that up with an above average customer service and online management tools which allows company owners and managers to track fuel usage. Cards can be issued for each car in a fleet and presented at any participating fuel network. The cost for the petrol is then invoiced back to the company on a weekly basis with payments collected through direct debit within 7 days.

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The Fuelcard Company Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual Fees£18 per card
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Fixed price or pump price cards available
Reviewed by Expert Market19/03/2017

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Fuelcard Company Prices

The company offers a range of cards which can be based upon a fixed price or pump price depending on type of card and the fleet’s needs. The cost of each card is £18 per year and each individual driver or vehicle is invoiced to the business on a weekly basis, payment is then deducted by direct debit around seven days thereafter. The Fuelcard Company make their profit from the sale of petrol but customers must undertake to draw the minimum of 300 litres on a card if they wish to avoid additional charges.

Fuelcard Company Options

The Fuelcard Company offers a range of different card types that are specific to certain suppliers such as Texaco, Shell and Esso as well as a multi-branded solution. The fuel cards can be linked to either a particular driver or a particular vehicle and can be used to purchase both diesel and petrol, as well as consumables such as oil and in certain cases shop goods, depending on the card option selected.

Fuel Cards

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Shell Fuelcard

The Fuelcard company offers a number of branded cards for Shell outlets including:

  • euroShell Fleet Fuel Card (multifleet) for fleets of cars and vans offering access to over 3,000 sites.
  • euroShell Fleet List Price fuel card with access to over 2,600 sites.
  • euroShell CRT fuel card for HGVs, PSVs and LGVs with 1,000 sites.
  • euroShell CRT International fuel card covering 20,000 European sites.

Esso Fuelcard

The Fuelcard Company provides three Esso cards:

  • Esso commercial fuel card covering 1,100 UK Esso sites.
  • Esso fuel card (multi network) covering 2,000 Esso and Shell sites.
  • Esso fuel card (single network) covering 1,000 Esso sites UK wide.

Texaco Fastfuel Card

The Texaco Fastfuel Card covers over 1,700 Texaco and UK Fuel sites nationwide with more than 440 HGV friendly outlets.

Keyfuels Card

The Keyfuels Card is ideal for diesel fleets and covers over 1,200 sites which are on this particular network. Businesses can get fixed price offers with discounts across all sites.

Euopean Fuel Card

There are two offered by the Fuelcard Company: The DKV and UTA fuel cards which are suitable for fleets that operate within the European Union. Benefits include toll payments and extended invoicing.


The Fuelcard Company is a reseller rather than an organisation that produces its own branded product. It is an international concern and boasts some 500,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Whilst most of the Fuelcard Company reviews are positive there have been some concerns about hidden charges. As with all fuel card providers it’s worth checking out the possibility of additional fees – for example, the Fuelcard Company prices for non-usage in any particular quarter is £35 and covers administration fees.

The company also offers the chance for prepaid cards rather than buying and then invoicing which helps some businesses keep greater control of their fuel budgets – particularly useful for SMEs with smaller fleets. They don’t offer deals with other major fuel companies such as BP but coverage is fairly extensive with the current network in the UK and across Europe and includes all Morrison stores.

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Next Steps

There are now a large range of fuel cards on the market for businesses to choose from and the Fuelcard Company is just one of them. You can compare all the prices and what’s on offer with Expert Market and have a better chance of getting the best deal for your company. All you need to do is complete our simple form – begin below.

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