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The Fuel Card Group Review 2018

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The Fuel Card Group Review

The Fuel Card Group profess to have decades of experience providing customers with the right fuelling solutions and work with a number of major card suppliers who include BP, Esso, Texaco and Shell amongst their refuelling networks. As such they now offer a wide range of branded fuel cards such as Bunkerstock and Emo Motion with the added advantage of a personal account managers who can deal with all business and fleet queries. The company operates various offices around the UK including their head office in Leeds and the Fuel Card Service office in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

The Fuel Card Group is part of Dublin based DCC plc which runs catering, energy and healthcare operations throughout the world. They acquired their fuel card business back in 2005 and manage over 700 million litres of petrol and diesel through their branded cards. The company has nearly doubled in size with various acquisitions over the past ten years making it one of the biggest fuel card players in the country.

fuel card group review
The Fuel Card Group Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual FeesCards with no upfront fees available
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Mileage Tracking
CO2 Count
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Fuel Card Group Prices

As with most providers and agents there are no upfront costs charged by the Fuel Card Group and customers who spend £500 or more on diesel or petrol can earn some significant savings on filling up at the pump. Online fuel card management tools come as standard with all brands giving managers close access to their accounts as and when they need it.

Fuel Card Group Options

There are plenty of options from the Fuel Card Group and it can be difficult to decide which of their brands to choose. Bunkercard is aimed at hauliers, coach and bus companies and others running high volume diesel businesses. Diesellink is based in Lanarkshire and offers nationwide coverage across 7,000 locations, whilst Emo Motion is dedicated to drivers in Northern Ireland and the Scania card gives diesel fleets access to bulk fuel buying prices.

Other Fuel Card Group associates include Pace, Gulf and Esso, providing customers a wide range of choice across the market. The service, as with other card providers, brings with it a comprehensive set of online management tools which mean business owners and managers can track the amount they are spending and produce valuable reports that can help them reduce costs and run a more efficient fleet, whether it’s a large haulage company or a group of sales vehicles.

Fuel Cards


fuel card group bunkercard

If you are a high volume diesel buyer then the Bunkercard is ideal for your business. It is aimed at large scale hauliers, coach and bus companies and provides a network of different brand cards from BP and Esso to Texaco and Shell that gives great coverage across the UK. Fixed pricing is on offer so that large fleets can more easily manage their fuel consumption rather than depend on the vagaries of the fuel market.


dieselink fuel card

Dieselink is a company based in Lanarkshire that has a national reach, with each fleet customer given their own personal account manager. The company boast some 7,000 refuelling sites across the UK and the opportunity to benefit from real savings on petrol and diesel. Customers can also opt to use cards for additional purchases such as lubricants and toll services.

Emo Motion

emomotion fuel card

Emo Motion is based in Northern Ireland and offers a large number of UK refuelling sites with online management tools as you would expect with any fuel card provision. They deal with all types of business fleet from small to large haulage companies and offer a comprehensive network across the UK.


scania fuel card

Scania use the Platts pricing model and their aim is to help large fleets reduce their running costs with competitive bulk fuel prices and a range of useful online management tools. Regular savings of up to 4% on fuel bills for companies means that they can make real cost reductions whilst also ensuring their fuel consumption is monitored and administered more efficiently.


The Fuel Card Group offers a wide range of cards from different suppliers and their provision can cause a little confusion if you are not sure what you are looking for. They do, however, have online live help which means you can essentially talk to a real account advisor before deciding what the right choice is for your company.

The Fuel Card Group providers all come with comprehensive online fuel management software solutions which include useful tools such as mileage tracking, CO2 Count as well as the ability to cancel cards if there is a problem and produce informative reports on how a fleet is performing when it comes to fuel.

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