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The Best Free Fuel Cards For 2018

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What Are Free Fuel Cards?

Not all fuel cards carry a cost. Some companies now offer a range of free fuel cards with various options. Although this sounds like an easy decision to make, free fuel cards are not a suitable option for all.

Why Are There Free Fuel Cards?

Some fuel cards are available to use for free. In fact, free fuel cards are a very popular method of managing a business’s fuel costs. A company that offers a free fuel card will often be able to make its profit from restrictive use, such as a customer only being able to use a certain fuel supplier. There are also often minimum spend limits that are applied to some free fuel cards that make them unsuitable for smaller operations.

Free Fuel card Providers

There are many providers on the market that offer free fuel cards. Here are some of the most highly regarded and most popular companies available.

Most Popular Free Fuel Card Suppliers

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i fuelcards logo

With a ten year history in the free fuel card sector, i-Fuelcards are a UK run business with a fast growing customer base. Although based in Bedfordshire, i-Fuelcards offer both UK and European free fuel cards to their customers and are thought to offer access to the cheapest fuel stations across the continent.

With no contract or signing on fee, i-Fuelcards also provide the account management tool Velocity, which helps with the general running and fuel management of your fleet.


fuelgenie logo

Run by Worldline IT Services UK Limited, fuelGenie have the enormous advantage of providing access to over a thousand supermarket forecourts. Both Tescos and Morrisons are available to their customers across the UK, making it one of the most popular and widely used free fuel cards on the market.

For almost twenty years fuelGenie has been fuel card programs across the UK and their influence as well as competence, has grown to new heights in that time. Offering a 24/7 access to your account information and no hidden charges, fuelGenie is thought to be a cost efficient and transparent way to manage your fuel costs. An electronic invoice is simply sent to your Email at the end of the month, consolidating and simplifying the process greatly.

Ace Fuel Cards

ace fuel cards logo

Offering a free fuel card with no monthly charges, as long as you use the card at least once a month, Ace fuel cards are a fast growing network with a legion of happy customers. With a free 24/7 support service and access to all of Aces fuel card management services, Ace are one of the most affordable ways to take advantage of the wide ranging benefits a fuel card can provide.

Although Ace fuel cards provide access to just over 100 fuel stations, they are a reputable small enterprise with plenty of scope to expand.


As with anything that is fuel card related, making sure that you take your time to weigh up the options is vital. Contracts for fuel cards can often be compared to mobile phone contracts and can tie you to a service that does not suit your operation, meaning loss of money as well not providing the efficiency that a fuel card should.

The small print of such options should always be studied thoroughly as some of the less reputable suppliers can keep certain charges hidden from their customers at the outset. What’s more, a company that is likely to grow may not wish to be attached to a restrictive and short-sighted service. These sorts of decisions can have long lasting and negative effects on a company’s potential.

Next Steps

You would be forgiven for thinking that the choice on offer is a simple one but, as with most things fuel card related, this is a competitive market with various options available to a business. With so many intricate and specific options available, it can be overwhelming choosing the right free fuel card for your operation.

By filling in our simple to use web form, it should take no longer than a minute, you can reduce these options to the few that will suit your business’s size, scope and budget.

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