Esso Fuel Cards Review: Are They Right for Your Fleet?

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Esso Fuel Cards Review

As one of the major fuel outlets across the UK and Europe, it’s not a surprise that Esso manages its own fuel card provision, specifically aimed at businesses which run fleets. Esso began life back in the late nineteenth century, an Anglo-American adventure that has since earned a global reach. As with many other international petrochemical companies it has its own retail outlets and the introduction of fuel cards is designed to provide businesses with an all-in-one solution to their fleet needs whilst also engendering valuable repeat custom – a kind of loyalty cards with fringe benefits for the participating companies.

With Esso Fuel Cards, UK businesses can have access to around 1,000 branded and a further 2,000 non-branded or UK Fuels sites in the UK and over 6,000 within the European network. Like many fuel card suppliers, Esso offers competitive fuel solutions that gives larger fleets the chance to cut costs and benefit from fixed prices or to opt for on the day pump price payments. The use of their fuel cards is also not just confined to fuel but can be widened to include oil, spare parts and toll costs.

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Esso Fuel Cards Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual Fees£15 per card
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Fixed price or pump price cards available
Consolidated invoicing or itemised available
Fuel consumption reports and purchasing patterns
Reviewed by Expert Market19/03/2018

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Esso Fuel Card Prices

Esso look for a minimum weekly spend of over £300 and charge £15 per year per card in addition to this. Pump prices vary depending on the type of solution a business chooses. For instance, for HGV fleets there is the option for a fixed weekly price whilst other options depend on the price at the pump on any given day.

Esso Fuel Card Options

Esso offer two fuel card options for commercial fleets, the single network and the multi-network that makes use of the added power of UK Fuels sites. The difference between the two cards is largely the range of the network and both offer a number of advantages to tracking and keeping the cost down of transport whether it is for a fleet of sales reps or HGVs transporting goods across the UK and Europe.

In addition to drivers being able to pay with the card at service stations, the Esso Fuel Card comes with a comprehensive set of online management tools that means owners and managers can keep track of fuel usage, reduce potential fraud, and streamline their invoicing and payment administration. All in all, Esso Fuel Cards provide a complete package for businesses who want to make their transportation more efficient.

Esso Fuel Cards UK

Esso Fuel Card

Esso fuel card

Commercial Esso Fuel cards give businesses access to over 7,000 sites across the UK and Europe where payment can be made. The card can be customised to a large extent to suit particular business needs and the main benefits include:

  • Easy payment for fuel and other consumables with one card that invoices directly back to the organisation.
  • Tailored provision decided by the business that can include the purchase of lubricants, accessories, shop purchases and toll charges to name just a few.
  • Enhanced security features that means each card comes with its own PIN and can be cancelled easily online if there is a problem.
  • A range of online e-management tools that make it simple to track payments and produce valuable and helpful reports.
  • Flexibility to opt for commodity based or fixed pricing to further help manage overall costs.

Esso Fuel Card Plus UK Fuels

The multi-network card has all the benefits of the commercial Esso Fuel Card but with the added networks through UK Fuels which almost doubles the number of stations in the UK where vehicles can fill up.


The Esso Fuel Card provides businesses with access to an extensive network of service stations across the UK and, perhaps more importantly, across Europe. What the cards can buy can be tailored to individual company needs and everything can be easily managed through the online e-business portal. Esso Fuel Card prices are comparable to competitors such as BP and Texaco with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Esso are not backward in providing value added extras for their cardholders with GPS linked app downloads that show where the nearest service station is located and even the chance to pick up Tesco Clubcard points that can be passed onto the drivers.

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