DCI Fuel Cards Review: Are They Right for Your Fleet?

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DCI Fuel Card Review

Diesel Card Ireland or DCI is the leading fuel card in Ireland. It provides access to a network of over 1,000 service stations in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. DCI has been providing fuel cards for over 20 years. There is no minimum spend and DCI claims to provide competitive rates. Solutions are flexible and there are no joining fees. Members also get access to account management and route planning tools.

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DCI Fuel Card Review
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Fuel Card Management OptionsOnline account management tools
E-route route planning
Automatic revenue approved monthly invoicing
Interest free credit
Reviewed by Expert Market17/04/2017

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DCI Fuel Card Prices

DCI provide three fuel cards: the DCI Diesel Fuel Card; Texaco Fast Fuel Ireland card and the Diesel Price Guarantee Fuel Card. There are no recurring fees or start-up costs.

DCI Fuel Card Overview

The DCI Diesel Fuel Card is designed for businesses and organisations whose primary requirement is complete network coverage in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The full network of 1,065 filling stations includes 179 in Northern Ireland. Diesel prices are fixed twice a week in line with the wholesale markets, Consolidated revenue approved VAT invoices are proved monthly. All customers are provided with access to Velocity account management software and e-route journey planner.

Texaco Fast Fuel Ireland is designed for car and van fleets. It provides access to a network of 300 stations with twice weekly fixed wholesale diesel prices and competitively priced petrol. The Diesel Price Guarantee Fuel Card provides access to the full network of 1,065 filling stations but prices are set weekly. However if fuel could be purchased at lower prices, the difference between that and the price paid is refunded.

DCI Fuel Cards

DCI Diesel Fuel Card

DCI fuel card

The card is designed primarily for truck fleets that need wide network coverage. Features include:

  • Access to a network of 1,065 filling stations across Ireland including HGV friendly sites with high canopies and fast fuel pumps
  • Diesel prices are fixed twice weekly in line with the wholesale fuel markets.
  • Billing is monthly and there are no interest charges.
  • Consolidated Revenue Approved VAT invoices are provided.
  • Account management software package Velocity and route planning software e-route are provided.
  • The card is PIN protected and includes additional security features such as unauthorised purchase alerts.

Texaco Fast Fuel Ireland Card

The Texaco Fast Fuel Ireland card is designed for van and car fleets. Diesel pricing is set twice weekly in line with wholesale markets, and petrol prices are competitive. However the network is restricted to 300 filling stations including those branded Texaco and Maxol. Velocity account management and e-route software is freely available to members. Consolidated Revenue Approved invoices are provided monthly and there are no joining fees.

Diesel Price Guarantee Fuel Card

In many ways similar to the DCI Diesel Fuel Card, the Diesel Price Guarantee Fuel Card uses weekly rather than twice weekly pricing. This is of benefit to organisations that need to plan their expenditure on a weekly basis. An additional benefit is that in the case of diesel being purchased at higher prices than would have been available with the Diesel Fuel Card, the price difference is refunded.


DCI provides flexible fuel card solutions for HGV, van and car fleets operating across Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Members can opt for weekly or twice-weekly pricing of diesel and competitive petrol prices. All cards are PIN protected and include additional security, account management and e-routing software.

With no additional charges for the cards, up to one month interest free credit, and access to the best network in Ireland, DCI’s flexible approach to fuel cards is certainly appealing. It is particularly appealing for diesel fleets though the Texaco Fast Fuel Ireland card is also an attractive solution for mixed petrol and diesel fleets.

Next Steps

While the DCI cards are certainly worthy of consideration, they are not the only choice. For instance you might prefer a card that includes network coverage outside Ireland. With Expert Market you can quickly find out more information tailored to your specific needs. Start below to complete our web form and you will receive a range of quotations directly from the suppliers.

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