BP Fuel Card Review

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By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 19 February 2020

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BP fuel card review

BP is one of the big global names in petrol and BP Fuel Cards are designed to help businesses and their fleets get the best deals on forecourts across the UK and in Europe.

The basic card gives businesses access to all BP and Texaco service stations, with full UK coverage, helping to reduce overhead costs with competitively priced fuel, manage fleet costs more effectively and keep down the risk of fraud.

BP is, of course, an international company competing in a wide number of areas including fuel, energy for heating and lighting and is also a leading player in the petrochemicals industry. Operating since the 1920s, the BP brand is recognisable across the world and it seems natural for the company to produce its own fuel cards that are managed in-house and aimed at business fleets, helping them reduce their running costs and bring valuable revenue back into the company.

BP Fuel Card Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual FeesBP Plus – No charge
BP Supercharge – £12 to £24 per card depending on size of fleet
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools
Expenditure control
Automatic invoicing
Interest free credit options

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BP fuel card prices

For businesses there is no initial cost for the primary card and you can have as many as you want for your fleet. The company makes its money on BP Fuel Cards by providing all the petrol to run individual fleets and offers price reductions and special offers to card holders as an incentive. They do also produce the more comprehensive BP Supercharge Fuel Card that has an annual fee of between £12 and £24 per card depending on the number required which gives businesses greater access to the fuel network.

BP fuel card overview

According to the company, the BP Fuel Card gives the best coverage of the UK for businesses who run a fleet of cars, vans, trucks and buses whether for haulage or as part of a sales team. Use of the cards gives business owners access to special deals and helps them to manage the overall costs across their fleet with additional provision such as BP’s online management services.

The company also offer the BP Supercharge Fuel Card that gives coverage over 8,000 sites and gives business owners more flexibility on where their drivers can fill up. Companies can also use both cards to pay for additional costs such as toll roads and road services.

BP fuel cards

BP Plus fuel card

BP Plus Fuel Card

For cars and vans there are a wide range of benefits with BP Plus including:

  • The highest motorway and extensive A road coverage for outlets across the UK.
  • Competitive pricing for card holders that helps to reduce fleet costs.
  • The option to improve cash flow with interest free credit (depending on status).
  • Provides consolidated HMRC tax invoices and there is no need for drivers to carry cash or keep invoices as details are fed back online to the company.
  • Monitor and control all spending with a series of reporting tools to suit all businesses.

For trucks and buses there is the Bunker Network that provides suitable locations for HGV and larger vehicles across strategic sites in the UK and Europe.

  • High speed pumps with high canopies and driver amenities.
  • Reduces the need for businesses to store and keep secure their own bunker network.
  • BP Fuel Cards can be allocated to a particular driver or a particular vehicle.
  • With the BP Plus Bunker Card Europa, fleets get access to all Routex sites throughout the EU.

BP Supercharge

BP Supercharge

The BP Supercharge card is aimed at businesses that need their fleet to have maximum coverage with access to nearly 90 per cent of the UK’s forecourts. It is a pump price fuel card with no transaction fee and invoices are made automatically back to the company. Unlike the BP Plus Cards, there is a card fee of between £12 and £24 per year depending on the size of fleet. It’s suitable for larger fleets and can save a significant amount of money in transaction fees alone and comes with all the benefits of BP Plus Cards with discounted prices and online support.


Coverage for the network with BP Plus Cards is only for BP and Texaco filling stations but there is a pretty extensive network in the UK with over 2,000 outlets plus more than 70 strategically placed on motorways. BP claim that their Supercharge card, however, can cover almost all of the UK network of service stations.

There are many different cards on the market that are suitable for car, van and truck fleets and the distinguishing factor is often the management software that is available. With BP Fuel cards, UK fleets can keep all their transactions in one place, monitor individual drivers and vehicles and also take advantage of tools such as BP FleetXpert that helps monitor usage and produce valuable micro reports.

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