Top 5 fuel cards for small businesses

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

Whether you're after full coverage or rock bottom fuel prices, here's our roundup of the best fuel cards for small businesses

If you only have a few vehicles in your fleet, it’s easy to think that having a fuel card is surplus to requirements. After all, it’s easy enough to keep track of what you’re spending, isn’t it? And fuel cards are probably only worthwhile for businesses with much larger fleets, right?

Wrong and wrong again! A fuel card will start saving you money and streamlining your processes from day one. They’re a no-brainer for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve taken a look at the best fuel cards for small businesses. For us, a good fuel card for small businesses offers great value and coverage, and all with very low minimum monthly spend (or preferably none at all). You want a company that’s offering great customer service, and you want to see reviews that back up this claim.

We crowned the Allstar Supermarket fuel card the best for small businesses on our best fuel cards comparison page, and with good reason – but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the very best option for everyone.

What’s on this page?

Best fuel cards for small businesses

The best fuel cards for small businesses are: Allstar Supermarket card, Texaco card, fuelGenie card, BP card and the UK Fuels Fuel Card.

AllstarBest all-round small business cardRead Review
Texaco Best for rural small businesses Read Review
fuelGenieBest for maximising savingsRead Review
BPBest for coverageRead Review
UK Fuel CardsBest for finding the right option for your businessRead Review

1. Allstar

Best all-round small business fuel card

Allstar Small Business Fuel Card

Not only does the Allstar card offer highly competitive supermarket fuel rates, but you’ll also get a hefty discount on maintenance or repair costs, as well as services like AA Roadside Assistance. Plus, you’ll receive a HMRC-approved invoice that’ll make reclaiming VAT a doddle.

Their Supermarket Fuel card is accepted at 3,000 fuel sites up and down the country – that’s the highest coverage of any supermarket fuel card available. If you’ve got a mixed fleet or want greater coverage, look to the Allstar One card instead.


  • Easily separate drivers’ personal and business miles with the Business Mileage Monitor
  • Greatest coverage of a supermarket fuel card
  • Up to 30% discounts on maintenance and repair costs through ServicePoint

X Cons:

  • Some reviews suggest their customer service is not up to scratch

2. Esso

Best for regional prices

Esso Small Business Fuel Card

If you travel around the UK a lot, you’ll know just how much fuel prices can vary. Drive just an hour down the road, and you can bet the rate will be different. That’s why, if you’re a small business based in a rural area with low fuel prices, an Esso fuel card might be the one for you. Esso set their prices regionally, so you won’t find yourself paying a rate that’s too high for your location.


  • Competitive prices, especially outside of major cities
  • Includes 300 Morrisons and Tescos (and you can collect Tesco Clubcard points!)

X Cons:

  • Not very comprehensive coverage compared with other providers
  • Minimum spend of £300 per month

3. fuelGenie

Best for savings

fuelGenie Small Business Fuel Card

fuelGenie is very clear about where its strengths lie. Its business model is all about saving you as much money as possible; not just with highly competitive rates, but also by not charging annual or network service fees. This comes at the price of convenience: fuelGenie cards are only compatible with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.


  • Compatible with major supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons
  • Rates are consistently more than 3p lower than the national average
  • No annual fees
  • Earn supermarket loyalty points

X Cons:

  • Only works at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons
  • If your regional rate is already over 3p cheaper than the national average, you won’t feel the benefits

4. BP

Best for coverage

BP Small Business Fuel Card

In our top 5 fuel cards comparison, we waxed lyrical about BP’s fleet management capabilities. These will be useful for small businesses too, of course – but it’s the extent of their coverage which has real small business appeal.

That’s not surprising really – we’re all familiar with BP garages. In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of the population of Britain live within five miles of a BP forecourt. With the BP ‘Supercharge’ card, you’ll have access to nine out of ten UK fuel stations: it doesn’t get more convenient than that.


  • BP ‘Supercharge’ card offers greatest UK coverage for maximum convenience
  • There are additional tools to help manage your fleet, such as the ‘automated mileage capture tool’ for logging driver mileage
  • BP app is helpful for finding your nearest refuelling station

X Cons:

  • Charge a ‘low’ annual fee
  • Not the most competitive fuel rates

5. UK Fuels Fuel Card

Best for tailored solutions

UK Fuels Small Business Fuel Card

UK Fuels have their own cards but also act as a middleman, offering cards from all the major oil providers. Don’t let their middleman status put you off: with over 25 years of experience, this is only going to work in your favour (especially as any commission is paid by the supplier, not you). If you have an unusual fleet, UK Fuels could be the best choice. They have such a huge range of cards available that one is bound to suit your needs down to the ground.


  • Rated 9.2/10 (Excellent) on Trustpilot
  • Customers praise ‘helpful and efficient staff’
  • Good site coverage
  • Work with supermarkets including Tesco, Morrisons, The Co-Op and Moto
  • Award winning ‘Kinesis’ tool gives great insight into driver performance and fuel efficiency

X Cons:

  • Rates are competitive, but not always reflective of regional differences

Next steps

The best fuel card for your business hinges on many factors, including:

  • Your location
  • Your fleet size
  • Your fleet mileage
  • Whether you want extra fleet management features

That’s why, even with a comprehensive and balanced review of several companies, it’s impossible to find the best one for your business without comparing quotes using your own criteria.

We can help with that. Simply fill out this short form to receive a selection of quotes for your business, leaving you to choose the one that suits you best.


What is a fuel card?

Okay, so back to basics: a fuel card looks like a normal credit or debit card, but it can only be used to purchase fuel used for business purposes. And it can only be used at petrol stations supported by the card provider. So, why use one? There are many reasons, but the main ones are: to get access to cheaper fuel rates, and to easily keep track of mileage and fuel expenditure.

How does a fuel card work?

The process may vary slightly by supplier, but the basic process is:

  1. Arrive at a petrol station within your approved network
  2. Fill up as normal
  3. Present your fuel card at the checkout (you may be asked for a PIN, mileage or another detail, depending on the card). You will be asked to sign for the transaction.
  4. You pay for the fuel in bulk on a regular, pre-agreed timeframe by either invoice or direct debit

What’s a supermarket fuel card, and which is the best one?

Supermarket fuel cards are only compatible with supermarket petrol stations (how many depends on the specific card). An example is fuelGenie, which we have reviewed above. Check out our roundup of the best supermarket fuel cards if you think this option would work for you.

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