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Best Fuel Card Companies - 2018 Supplier Review

fuel card providers overview review

Fuel Card Supplier Review - Best Fuel card Suppliers 2018

Fuel cards have many potential benefits for all kinds of businesses including small companies with just one or two employees through to big companies with extensive fleets. To cater for this disparate market there are different kinds of fuel card suppliers and a wide range of different cards. The major fuel brands such as Shell, Texaco and Esso all offer fuel cards that can be used at their own and extended networks of filling stations and there are many independent fuel card suppliers such as FuelGenie and KeyFuels that can be used at other specific networks. Here we review a range of suppliers and provide some suggestions of how to find the best one for you.

SupplierCard typeNetworkPricingCompare
Euro Shell fleet fuel cardShell, Esso, Texaco, Total and Gleaner filling stationsSame price at all network stationsSave up to 30%
Euro Shell CRT fuel cardShell service stations and HGV sitesDual tier pricingSave up to 30%
Commercial vehicle fuel cardAll Esso filling stationsWholesale pricing at HGV sites and competitive pump pricesSave up to 30%
BP Plus BunkerAll motorway and BP bunker sitesWeekly set wholesale price for dieselSave up to 30%
Texaco fast fuel cardTexaco, Tesco and UK Fuels networkWeekly set wholesale price for dieselSave up to 30%
The European Diesel CardExtensive European networkWeekly set wholesale price for dieselSave up to 30%
Fleetone cardUK NetworkPump pricesSave up to 30%
Keyfuels Diesel DirectExtensive multi-branded networkWeekly set wholesale price for dieselSave up to 30%

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fuel card suppliers review shell logo

Shell Fuel Cards were introduced around 50 years ago. The network is one of the largest in the world with over 40,000 Shell forecourts and 10,000 partner stations. Accounts can be set up for any specific kind of network coverage.

The euroShell fuel card for cars and vans offers discounted pricing. It costs £15 to set up an account plus £1.00 per month per card. Fuel consumption monitoring and online card blocking is available and it includes toll payments and ferry charges


fuel card suppliers review esso logo

The Esso European network includes 6,100 service stations across the main European countries and around 13,000 sites in Eastern Europe, Switzerland and Austria. Two pricing models are available: pump pricing and commodity pricing. Cards can also be used for tolls and ferry charges, car and truck wash, shop purchases, and vehicle spares and accessories. An Esso multi network fuel card is also available which provides additional access to Shell sites. There are minimum usage constraints and the cost is £15 per card per year. In addition, Esso cards limit purchases for fraud protection.


fuel card suppliers review bp logo

BP fuel cards offer enhanced card security, a large European network, and can be tailored for specific business requirements.

The BP PLUS Bunker fuel card is for trucks and busses and provides access to 1,200 BP filling stations plus 460 Bunker sites. The card is also accepted at European Routex sites and includes toll payments and ferry charges.

The BP Supercharge fuel card is a solution designed for small businesses and can be used at 8,000 filling stations which is around 90 percent of all forecourts in the UK.Cards cost £24 a year with reduced charges for businesses that have over 100 cards.

BP PLUS fuel card is a solution for larger fleets and can be used across Europe at around 18,000 filling stations in 29 countries. Competitive fuel pricing means that around 7p per litre discount is available.


fuel card suppliers review texaco logo

Texaco offer two fuel cards: Texaco Fastfuel and Texaco the Business card.

Texaco Fastfuel is for fleets of any kind that travel only in the UK. It can be used at around 2,300 filling stations including all Texaco and Morrisons forecourts. It can be used to purchase other items if required. There are no set fees and no deposit is required and it includes toll payments and ferry charges

Texaco the Business card is designed for small to medium sized businesses and can be used at both the Texaco and BP networks. You are charged pump prices plus 1p peer litre plus VAT when used at BP filling stations.

EDC - the European Diesel Card

fuel cards suppliers review edc logo

The European Diesel Card provides access to a network of around 5,000 European filling stations across all main European routes. Prices are set weekly and there is up to 50 percent discount on toll charges. There is no minimum spend.

UK Fuels

fuel card suppliers review uk fuels logo

UK Fuels provide several cards, one of the more popular being Fleetone UK. Accepted at 2,700 filling stations, the network includes all Tesco, Morrisons, Texaco and Jet forecourts. Features include online fuel management, interest free credit and HMRC-approved invoices.


fuel cards suppliers review keyfuels logo

Keyfuels provides access to one of the largest multi-brand networks in the UK including most fuel company brands, supermarkets, and motorway service stations. There are two options: Keyfuels Direct for businesses that purchase fuel in bulk and store it at their own premises, and Keyfuels Pay-G which is a pay as you go card. Up to 14 days free credit is available. In addition, the Diesel Direct cards comes with a site locator Android and iPhone app.

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There are many different fuel cards to choose from, and the best one for you will depend on your particular business requirements. If the main consideration is price then you are likely to benefit most from cards that provide discounted wholesale fuels from bunker stations; but if coverage is more important then you should choose one that has a large network even though you might have to pay pump price. A compromise is choosing a fuel card that restricts you to supermarket forecourts; this will give you a reasonable coverage while enabling you to take advantage of cheaper supermarket prices.

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