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Best fuel card companies - 2018 supplier review

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fuel card providers overview review

Fuel card supplier review - best fuel card suppliers 2018

Fuel cards are used by thousands of businesses across the UK to slash costs, track spend and monitor driver activity. Here at Expert Market, we know how important your time is to you. So we’ve made it quick and easy to compare fuel card suppliers and obtain quotes.

Whether you’re a large business with an extensive fleet of vehicles, or a small outfit with just one or two cars, we’ll help you save money on the cost of fuel cards by matching you with the most suitable provider.

Use the quick comparison table below to compare leading fuel card suppliers such as Shell, Texaco and Esso at a glance, or scroll down to read our in depth reviews. When you’re ready, simply fill in the form at the top of the page to get tailored quotes.

Here are the best fuel card companies for UK businesses:

SupplierCard typeNetworkPricingCompare
Euro Shell fleet fuel cardShell, Esso, Texaco, Total and Gleaner filling stationsSame price at all network stationsCompare prices
Euro Shell CRT fuel cardShell service stations and HGV sitesDual tier pricingGet a quote
Commercial vehicle fuel cardAll Esso filling stationsWholesale pricing at HGV sites and competitive pump pricesCompare prices
BP Plus BunkerAll motorway and BP bunker sitesWeekly set wholesale price for dieselGet a quote
Fleetone cardUK NetworkPump pricesCompare prices
Texaco fast fuel cardTexaco, Tesco and UK Fuels networkWeekly set wholesale price for dieselGet a quote
The European Diesel CardExtensive European networkWeekly set wholesale price for dieselCompare prices
Keyfuels Diesel DirectExtensive multi-branded networkWeekly set wholesale price for dieselGet a quote

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Best fuel card companies

Whether you're looking to reduce monthly fuel costs or manage fleet vehicles more effectively, these companies have a fuel card to meet your needs.

UK Fuels

fuel card suppliers review uk fuels logo

UK Fuels offers one of the largest selections of fuel cards of any supplier. One of their most popular choices is the Fleetone UK. Providing access to a network of over 3,000 filling stations, additional benefits of the Fleetone fuel card include a subscription to industry leading fleet management software Velocity and a free app to help you plan the most efficient routes for your drivers. This added tech comes at a cost, though, with a minimum spend of £1,000 a month per account.

Supplier Rating: UK Fuels Review


fuel card suppliers review shell logo

Shell fuel cards have been around for over 50 years. They give you access to one of the largest fuel station networks in the world, offering discounted prices at over 40,000 Shell forecourts and 10,000 partner stations. Plus, with a a range of tailored plans for different levels of spend, you’ll have no trouble finding a solution that suits your specific business needs.

Supplier Rating: Shell Review

Shell’s most popular fuel card, the euroShell Multi Network Fuel Card for cars and vans, offers simple pump pricing across 3,400 sites, including at Esso, Texaco and Total fuel courts. On signing up, you’ll be given a login for Shell’s online fleet management system, which allows you to easily track spend and monitor driver activity. Prices start at £18 per year with a minimum spend of £300 per month, per account.


fuel card suppliers review esso logo

The Esso European network includes 12,271 service stations all across the continent — from Poland and Switzerland, to Germany, France and Austria. If you choose to go with the company you’ll have access to a 24 hour customer support line, which can be a real lifesaver for businesses that work through the night or at weekends.

Supplier Rating: Esso Review

Using Esso’s online fleet management system, you can easily approve payment of other vehicle related products and services such as road tolls and motor oil. And as a cheeky bonus, drivers can collect Tesco Clubcard points with every purchase made.


fuel card suppliers review bp logo

BP fuel cards offer state-of-the-art fraud protection, extensive european European network coverage, and can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. There are three cards to choose from, which cater for businesses of different sizes and fleet types.

Supplier Rating: BP Review

The BP Supercharge fuel card is a solution designed for small businesses. It can be used at 8,000 filling stations — that’s around 90 percent of all forecourts in the UK — and costs just £24 a year. There’s a healthy discount if you buy in bulk.

The BP PLUS Bunker fuel card for HGVs gives you access to 1,200 BP filling stations, plus 460 BP bunker sites. It’s accepted at European Routex sites and and can be used for related charges such as toll payments and vehicle servicing too.

BP PLUS fuel card is a solution for larger fleets and can be used across Europe at 18,000 filling stations in 29 countries. BP claim that it can save you up to 7p a litre on fuel. Impressive.


fuel card suppliers review texaco logo

Texaco offers a simple choice of two fuel cards, and is the only UK supplier to offer competitive fixed weekly wholesale prices for both petrol and diesel.

Supplier Rating: Texaco Review

Texaco Fastfuel is for fleets that operate in the UK only. It can be used at around 2,300 filling stations, including all Texaco and Morrisons forecourts. There’s no setup fee and you don’t need to put down a deposit; just signup and away you go.

Texaco: The Business is a no-fuss pump priced fuel card designed for small to medium sized businesses. It can be used over 2,000 service stations across the UK, and at over 1,300 BP sites with an additional charge of 1p per litre.

EDC — the European Diesel Card

fuel cards suppliers review edc logo

The European Diesel Card (EDC) provides access to a network of around 5,000 European filling stations across the continent. Prices are set weekly, and customers enjoy up to a 50 percent discount on toll charges. But what we really like about the EDC fuel card is that there’s no minimum spend, which makes it an excellent choice for small businesses.

Supplier Rating:


fuel card suppliers review Keyfuels logo

Keyfuels provides access the UK’s largest commercial fuel network, with a choice of two fuel cards to cater for businesses of different sizes. The first is a pay as you go card aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. It offers competitive fixed weekly pricing and, as the name suggests, there’s no minimum spend — so you only pay for what you need.

Supplier Rating: Keyfuels Review

The second choice, Keyfuels Direct, is designed for gas-guzzling commercial outfits that prefer to purchase fuel in bulk directly from a supplier. Keyfuels coordinates the delivery of this fuel either to your depot, or integrates it into its own network of refueling stations for your drivers to draw on the road.

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There are plenty of fuel cards to choose from, and the best one for your business will depend on your requirements.

If your main consideration is cost you should look at suppliers which offer a fixed weekly wholesale price on fuel, such as Texaco or Keyfuels.

But if you’re more concerned with network coverage you’ll be better served by a Shell or BP fuel card.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then it’s worth considering a fuel card that restricts you to supermarket forecourts, such as the fuelGenie fuel card offered by UK Fuels. This will give you reasonable coverage while enabling you to take advantage of cheaper supermarket prices.

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