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Best fuel cards UK - Compare fuel cards from the UK’s top 5 providers

A fuel card is a sure-fire way of reducing your business' monthly spend — and by comparing providers you stand to save even more money.

This page compares the best UK fuel card providers. What makes them so great? We looked at over a dozen brands to find out. We compared the different types of fuel cards offered by each, as well as the size and coverage of their refuelling station networks. These are the five companies that came out on top:

  • BP
  • Allstar
  • UK Fuels
  • Esso
  • Texaco

Make a quick comparison using our fuel card comparison table or scroll down for in-depth reviews. But first, let’s tackle a few basic question…

What is a fuel card and why should I get one?

A fuel card is a type of payment card that can only be used to purchase fuel, and other vehicle-related goods. Petrol, diesel, screenwash and engine oil are all OK. Flapjack, sandwich, cigarettes, The Sun, not so much.

Usage is restricted to a specific network of stations, but in return fuel cards offer discounted rates on the advertised pump price. You can assign them to specific vehicles or employees and cap spending to manage your outgoings more effectively.

An online management tool shows you exactly who bought what, and where. Chasing drivers for receipts becomes a thing of the past: a fuel card is paid off at the end of the month and invoices are HMRC VAT approved.

How do I choose the best fuel card for my business?

The best business fuel card isn’t necessarily the one that offers the biggest savings on fuel — there are several other factors to weigh-up. We recommend that you consider these three questions:

What type of vehicles make up my fleet? If your business fleet is made up predominantly of HGVs then you’ll want a fuel card with access to as many HGV-friendly sites as possible. If you operate a fleet of national sales people, then a fuel card with extensive motorway coverage is essential. Some cards offer extra savings on the price of either diesel or petrol.

Where do my vehicles operate? If your vehicles operate nationally then it pays to choose card with a large network of motorway refuelling stations. Rural businesses may find that a Texaco fuel card offers the best savings. And for regional operations BP and Esso give excellent coverage.

What’s my business’ average monthly spend on fuel? Some fuel cards have a minimum monthly spend. While this isn’t really a factor for larger businesses, it is something that anyone looking to compare the best fuel cards for small businesses should consider.

Fuel cards comparison table

This table compares the best UK fuel cards for businesses. Find in-depth reviews of the different fuel card service providers a little further down the page.

SupplierRecommended asMinimum spendTotal UK sitesMotorway sitesHGV-friendly sitesIn-depth reviewsCompare quotes
Best for fleet management£3003,30070600 BP reviewRequest a quote
Best for small businesses£0-£3007,7001231,400 Allstar reviewRequest a quote
Best all-round provider£0-£3006,5001041,182 UK Fuels reviewRequest a quote
Best for regional fuel prices£3002,10050382Esso reviewRequest a quote
Best for rural areas£3002,40038436 Texaco reviewRequest a quote

Business fuel cards - supplier reviews

Our independent reviews will help you to choose the right business fuel card. Our top providers offer specific diesel fuel cards and petrol cards, and cards that allow you to purchase both. So whatever your fleet type, you can be sure of finding the right fuel card for your business.

BP fuel card

We’ve rated BP: Best for fleet management

BP boasts a card that can be used at over 3,300 sites in the UK, including a third of all motorway service stations. In-fact BP’s branded site coverage is so extensive, it is estimated that 90% of Britain’s population live within 5 miles of a BP forecourt.

Supplier Rating:

BP are the kings of the British roadside. They not only have a long history and thousands of petrol stations, they offer really competitive fuel card plans too.

Offering a choice of four cards, BP caters for businesses of all sizes. The standard BP Plus card gives you access to 1,280 BP UK fuel stations. Selected Esso, Texaco, and Gulf service stations bring that number up to 3,100. Should you opt for the BP Supercharge, that number rises again to nearly 8,000. That’s nine out of 10 of all UK forecourts.

The BP app, available for iPhone and Android, allows you to quickly find your closest refuelling station, and updates are available for all major sat nav systems. Drivers can also quickly and easily log mileage using the automated mileage capture tool.

BP’s advanced online ‘AccountManager’ tool allows you to:

  • Monitor your fleet 24 hours a day
  • See every transaction
  • Set spending limits on specific cards
  • Change PIN numbers
  • Setup email alerts to notify you of unusual transactions

For a fixed monthly fee, BP offers you the opportunity to offset your business’ CO2 emissions. The money is invested into BP’s not-for-profit Target Neutral project, which develops carbon neutral products and services around the world. To date, BP Target neutral has offset three million tonnes of carbon, the equivalent of taking 1.5 million cars off the road.

Add to this interest free credit (subject to status), a dedicated account manager, and a minimum spend of just £300 and it’s easy to see why over 40,000 UK businesses choose BP as their fuel card provider.

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Allstar Fuel Card

We’ve rated Allstar: Best for small businesses

Allstar offers a choice of three cards that can be used at up to 7,700 stations in the UK. That’s a staggering 90% of all UK fuel stations. Partner brands include BP, Shell and Esso, as well as supermarket chains such as Morrisons and Tesco.

Supplier Rating:

Allstar may not be a household name in the same way that BP and Esso are, but they’re a big player in the fuel card world.

Allstar has partnered with 20 oil brands and supermarkets, including BP, Shell and Esso, to offer a choice of three fuel cards with a network of 7,700 sites up and down the UK. This includes 1,400 HGV-friendly sites, 3,400 24 hour sites, and 123 motorway sites.

The Allstar One fuel card, ideal for mixed fleets, gives you access to the full Allstar network, and offers diesel at up to 2p cheaper than the national average at selected sites. In addition to this, drivers can claim up to 20% discount on servicing and repairs at over 9,000 garages nationwide.

When an Allstar One fuel card is used, the mileage and vehicle registration are immediately captured. This information appears on invoices and reports related to your account. You can then see where and when drivers used their card.

The Allstar Supermarket fuel card can lay claim to being the best fuel card for small businesses available in the UK. It allows your drivers to refuel at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda forecourts, where fuel prices can be up to 3p cheaper than at motorway service stations.

With a 24/7 support service and one of the most secure networks on the market, it is not surprising that Allstar are regarded as one of the best fuel card providers in the industry.

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Esso fuel card

We’ve rated Esso: Best for regional fuel prices

As one of the giants of the fuel industry, ESSO offers fuel card customers a network of over 2,000 fuel stations and a choice of either fixed price or pump-price payment methods. Esso cards can also be used at selected Shell sites, and customers can collect Tesco Clubcard points with every purchase.

Supplier Rating:

Fun fact: Esso is the official fuel partner of Red Bull Racing’s Formula One team. Now if that’s not a ringing endorsement of quality we don’t know what is.

Esso fuel cards can be tailored to suit both small businesses and large national haulage companies. Their Multi Fleet Network fuel card can be used at both Esso and Shell refuelling stations with access to 2,100 sites nationwide, including 50 on motorways.

Esso fuel price: Esso fuel is priced locally, so it’s usually very competitive, especially outside of major cities.

Transactions are listed on one, easy-to-digest invoice, which is HMRC VAT approved. An online management tool shows your closest filling station, and fleet controllers have the power to block cards or cap spending remotely.

In addition to this, Esso has a dedicated monitoring team to help keep an eye out for suspicious transactions. And their UK-based customer helpdesk is on hand to answer your every question.

As a tasty benefit, Esso fuel card holders can collect Tesco Clubcard points with every transaction, on both fuel and other vehicle-related products.

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UK Fuels Fuel Card

We’ve rated UK Fuels: Best all-round provider

UK Fuels is one of the largest suppliers of fuel cards in the industry. They offer fuel cards from all the major players, as well as their own branded fuel cards too. They have over 25 years of expertise and an excellent reputations for customer service.

Supplier Rating:

As a middleman, working between you and the major oil brands, UK Fuels is in the unique position of being able to offer independent and impartial advice to their customers. Because ultimately, they don’t care if you go with Shell, or Esso, or Wex, or BP. All they care about is helping you choose the right fuel card for your business.

By working with such a wide variety of providers, UK Fuels is able to offer tailored options for large fleets, HGVs and small businesses, as well as fuel cards for european and public sector use.

Customers gain access to over 6,500 sites UK-wide, and you can easily navigate to your nearest one using their free app. There are a range of payment plans, including the option to pay a fixed weekly price for diesel.

UK Fuels’ award winning fleet management tool, Kinesis, integrates fuel card data and vehicle activity data to give you ultimate visibility over driver performance and fleet efficiency. You can calculate exact MPG figures, monitor driver behaviour, and increase productivity with optimised route planning.

As an all-round provider, it’s hard to look beyond UK Fuels.

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Texaco Fuel Card

We’ve rated Texaco: Best for rural areas

With a combined network of 2,000 fuel stations, Texaco should be on every business’ fuel card comparison list, especially those operating in rural areas outside of major cities. And as a major global oil brand, Texaco can offer some of the most competitive prices on fuel of any fuel card supplier.

Supplier Rating:

Texaco is one of the four major oil brands in the world, distributing 270,000 barrels throughout Europe every single day. That’s nearly a billion barrels a year.

So you would expect a Texaco fuel card to offer extensive coverage. And it does, with access to over 2,400 stations in the UK alone. These sites include Morrisons, Murco and Jet service stations, as well as Texaco own brand sites.

The Texaco Fastfuel card operates fixed weekly pricing, and as a bulk buyer Texaco are able to offer prices in the region of 2-4p cheaper per litre than the national average.

Their Business fuel card has no joining fees and no minimum usage rule, making it especially appealing to small businesses or those with only a handful of vehicles in their fleet. Simple VAT approved invoices can be used and managed with Texaco’s online manager tool. And the card can also be used at 1,200 BP service stations.

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A guide to cheap fuel cards

Big brands don’t always offer the best fuel cards for small businesses. And with this in mind, you may want to consider a cheap fuel card – yes, they do exist.


There are certainly advantages for some companies who take the budget route;

Upfront costs — although cheap fuel cards may lack some of the add-ons of a more premium package, they will still reduce your upfront costs for fuel. And that has to be a good thing.

Coverage — cheap fuel cards offer poor coverage. But if yours is a small, regional business, perhaps this isn’t a problem. Consider where your vehicles will be going and use provider apps to find your closest refuelling sites. Limited coverage may be all you need.

Simplicity — cheap fuel cards tend not to come with the fancy fleet management tools offered by some of the more high-end providers. But, again, maybe this isn’t such a big problem. If you operate a handful of vehicles with trusted employees, fleet management may be an unnecessary expense.


Of course, as with most things, you get what you pay for — and cheap fuel cards are no different. Beware of:

Less support — BP fuel cards and UK Fuels fuel cards come with customer support as standard. But this is not always the case with cheaper options.

Reduced network — larger fuel card companies offer a bigger network of refuelling stations. If your fleet operates nationally, this drawback means that a cheap fuel card probably isn’t for you.

Hidden costs — the major fuel card companies don’t tend to charge signup or transaction fees. But this changes as you slide further down the price scale.

Long contracts — you just don’t get something for nothing in this world. So, in return for lower rates, you will likely be tied into a long contract with cheap fuel cards. And in the long term, this can actually make them a less economical option.

How to get a fuel card

So you’ve done your research, what next? Simply fill in this form and compare quotes from multiple fuel card providers. The questions are designed to match you with the most suitable provider, and help you choose the best fuel card for your business.

The whole process takes less than two minutes. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation to buy. So put your feet up and let our experts take the hassle out of choosing a fuel card for your business.