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By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Updated: 10 December 2019

Top up your takings and find the fuel card right for you

Fuel cards are used by thousands of businesses across the UK to slash costs, track spend and monitor driver activity. The right fuel card can streamline your workload and take the hassle out of those dusty admin tasks that clutter your desk. Fuel cards are more than an easier and cheaper way of paying for fuel – they can provide fleet management solutions to help reinvent the way you do business.

But how do you choose the fuel card that’s right for you? With so many different cards and brands offering cheap deals and large networks, it’s hard to know where to turn. That’s where Expert Market comes in. We’ve cut through the noise and carefully selected our favourite fuel cards for UK businesses.

We also think it’s easy to get bogged down trawling through prices from top fuel card suppliers. So we’ve put together a handy form through which you can start comparing quotes within the minute. Click here to try it out and get the best deal for your business. Or read on for our list of the best fuel cards in the UK.

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Fuel cardRecommended asNetworkStar rating
Allstar OneBest for discounts7,700+
BP SuperchargeBest for site coverage8,000+
UK Fuels FleetoneBest for fleet management2,900+
Texaco FastfuelBest for HGV-friendliness2,850+
The Fuel Store fuel cardBest for simplicity2,750+

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A fuel card could save your business thousands of pounds a year

Top 5 fuel cards for your small business

We compared the leading fuel cards for UK businesses and handpicked the top five best for your small business.

Our expert fuel card picks include Allstar One, BP Supercharge, UK Fuels Fleetone, Texaco Fastfuel, and The Fuel Store card.

The top fuel cards for UK businesses:

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Allstar One

Best for discounts

The Allstar One fuel card is ideal for mixed fleets, and gives you access to the full Allstar network. This card also offers discounted diesel at 1,800 sites, and can be used to pay for some UK tolls. Drivers with an Allstar One card can also claim up to 30% discount on servicing and repairs at over 9,000 garages nationwide.

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The Allstar One card claims to be more than a simpler and cheaper way for your business to pay for fuel. It’s billed as a complete fleet management tool. The Allstar One card offers savings on AA roadside assistance and discounts on vehicle rental. And its coverage of over 7,700 fuel sites means your drivers will always have a place to top up.


You can expect to pay an annual card fee of £18, applicable to each card in your fleet.


  • Accepted by over 90% of UK fuel sites
  • 24/7 account management

X Cons:

  • Lacks some of the features of Allstar’s other fuel cards

BP Supercharge

Best site coverage

The BP Supercharge fuel card is a solution designed for small businesses. It can be used at 8,000 filling stations – that’s around 90 percent of all forecourts in the UK.

BP’s intelligent online tool allows you to set limits on how your drivers can use their cards. And regular e-billing takes care of the books.

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What’s more, the BP Supercharge doesn’t charge per transaction, and fees drop as your fleet size goes up. So if your business has close to 200 vehicles or more, it offers super value.


This fuel card option offers pump prices and no transaction fees. However, an annual card fee of £24/year applies for each card. This fee goes down to £18 if you have more than 100 vehicles in your fleet, and £12 for 200 or more. So it’s a great option if your business is large or growing quickly.


  • Maximum UK site coverage
  • Earn Nectar points with every BP transaction

X Cons:

  • Higher annual costs for businesses with smaller fleets

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UK Fuels Fleetone

Best for fleet management

Providing access to a network of over 2,900 multi-branded filling stations, Fleetone is one of the industry’s leading fuel cards. It includes a subscription to cutting edge fleet management software Velocity, and a free app to help you plan the most efficient routes for your drivers.

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Its online reporting and invoicing systems also make it easy to claim back your VAT and manage fuel output. So you’ll spend less time drudging through huge stacks of paper and more time fuelling the growth of your business.


The minimum spend of £1,000/month means you’ll need to think harder about this option as a small business. If you have a larger fleet and will easily consume that much gas, UK Fuels’ Fleetone card is a solid, dependable fuel card solution.


  • Includes supermarket filling stations
  • Easy to identify suspicious card activity

X Cons:

  • Minimum spend of £1,000/month

Texaco Fastfuel

Best for HGV-friendliness

Texaco Fastfuel is for fleets that operate in the UK only. It can be used at around 2,850 filling stations, including all Tesco and Morrisons forecourts, as well as selected BP sites. There’s no setup fee and you don’t need to put down a deposit; just sign up, fill up, and Texa-go!

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Texaco’s Fastfuel card is great if your business uses a lot of heavier vehicles – there’s over 400 HGV-friendly sites to choose from. Texaco also has plenty of stations located conveniently on motorways, whether you need gas or a just quick sandwich!


There’s an annual card fee of £18, which is pretty standard across fuel cards.


  • Collect Tesco Clubcard points
  • Strategic site coverage

X Cons:

  • Limited to UK fleets only
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The Fuel Store fuel card

Best for simplicity

The Fuel Store’s card aims to take the hassle out of topping up your vehicles. It can be set up in four simple steps, and costs are less daunting than some of the big names. The Fuel Store also claims to have the largest multi-branded site network in the UK. Not bad for a card that’s only been around since 2016!


The Fuel Store charges an annual £12 for each card, which is slightly cheaper than cards from bigger brands like Texaco and BP. You just pay for the fuel you use. However, if you’re drawing less than 300 litres of fuel a month, you’ll be slapped with a £10 minimum usage fee.


  • No hidden fees
  • Competitive annual card fee

X Cons:

  • Range of features more limited compared to bigger brands

Expert verdict

The fuel card you decide to go with will reflect the size, specifics, and ultimately the ambition of your business. For sheer scale and brand power, bigger names like BP and Texaco still dominate. But it’s smaller, cheaper cards like The Fuel Store’s that are helping shape the future for small businesses. Want to know more? Read about the range of fuel card providersand how they can benefit your business.

If you’re ready to make an informed choice and start weighing up different suppliers, click here to pop your details into our short form and start fuelling the growth of your business today!

Fuel card FAQs

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is a type of payment card that can only be used to purchase fuel and other vehicle-related goods. Petrol, diesel, screenwash and engine oil are all OK. Flapjacks, sandwiches, cigarettes, The Sun – not so much.

How do fuel cards work?

Fuel cards offer discounted rates on the advertised pump price. You can assign them to specific vehicles or employees and cap spending to manage your outgoings more effectively.

An online management tool shows you exactly who bought what, and where. Chasing drivers for receipts becomes a thing of the past: a fuel card is paid off at the end of the month, and invoices are HMRC VAT approved.

Why should I get one?

A fuel card takes the stress out of vehicle and driver management, and is a great way to save time and money. A fuel card could save you as much as 4p on every litre of fuel. That’s a colossal annual saving of £3,328 for a fleet of 10 Ford Transit vans filling up twice a week.

How do I get a fuel card?

Once you’ve read above to find the fuel card that’s right for you, you can jump straight in and start comparing quotes here. If you need more info to help make up your mind, you can check out our roundup of the top fuel card providers. You’ll have to fill out an application with your chosen fuel card provider to start the process, so have your company details handy.

Where are fuel cards accepted?

This depends on the size of the network offered by your chosen fuel provider. While the sites you can top up at with a fuel card are generally more limited, fuel cards offer cheaper rates than more traditional payment methods. Most fuel card providers offer tools for locating the service station closest to you.

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