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By Lucy Crossfield | Editor

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Allstar is one of the largest fuel card suppliers in the UK with an extensive fuel station network. Today, Allstar is recognised as an industry leader offering top of the line fuel card services across a broad spectrum of customers. The fuel card company has gone through a number of name changes over the years. It initially started out as Fleet Cost Management Limited and then changed to Overdrive Business Solutions Limited in 2005. Overdrive FuelCards were very popular during their lifetime, before the company changed its name again to Allstar, and changed the name of the Overdrive FuelCard to Allstar Classic Fuel Card.

Allstar fuel cards can be used to buy petrol as well as diesel for your fleets. The company works in partnership with some of the leading fuel brands and its quality services are a result of its extensive experience, spanning over a period of more than 40 years. Allstar fuel cards are the leading choice of many businesses when it comes to fuel management solutions and Allstar fuel card locations consists of more 7600 sites all across the UK.

Allstar petrol cards or fuel cards are accepted at more than 8,000 fuel station. Hence, through Allstar fuel cards you may not only save up to 25% on your fuel costs but you may also not have to face any problems concerning fuel shortage. You are to always find an Allstar fuel card location nearby. Hence, using Allstar fuel cards for your business fleet you will be able to save your time and money.

Allstar offers liberty of choice to businesses, car owners and drivers. It offers a range of fuel cards suited for fulfilling different purposes. You may choose an Allstar fuel card that adequately meets your fuel, business and cost requirements.

It is a market-leading and award-winning fuel card enterprise which offers exemplary services for fuel management and fuel cards. It offers advice in concerning VAT claims, AA fuel price, driving behaviour and other consultancy services to allow easy fuel management.

Allstar Fuel Card Review
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Allstar Fuel Card Prices

Allstar fuel cards are not available at fixed prices and their prices vary from product to product. However, the extensive support and services provided by Allstar ensures that you are never at a loss and receive complete value for your money. Allstar fuel cards help you save fuel costs and are beneficial in the long run.

Allstar petrol cards or fuel cards have an annual price which falls within an affordable range.

Allstar Fuel Card Options

Allstar offers various types of fuel cards. You may browse through the offered solutions and go for one that you may find most suitable to serve your purpose. Each of the fuel card offered by Allstar have different specifications which are elaborated below.

Allstar Classic Fuel Card

allstar classic fuel card

The Allstar classic fuel card is applicable across diverse industries and sectors. It can be used for fleets and vans, as well as cars. It offers reliable support for efficient administration, cost control and time management.

Allstar Premier Programme

allstar fuel discount diesel card

The Allstar Premier Programme offers ideal fuel solutions for mixed diesel and petrol fleets. Easy access, efficient cost control and discount on diesel across as many as 1700 fuel stations are some of the advantages that this Allstar fuel card offers.

Supermarket Fuel Card

allstars supermarket fuel card

If you run a small local business then you may surely consider investing in this Allstar product. Low fuel prices and access to four leading supermarket filling stations make the Allstar Supermarket Fuel Card an ideal cost saving prospect for small and local businesses.

Allstar Monitor Card

allstar fuel monitor card

The Allstar Monitor Card may ideally be used for public sector vehicles.


Allstar offers various kinds of fuel cards that are accepted at more than 7600 filling stations all across the UK. Allstar fuel cards may ideally be used for different purposes in different sectors and allow cost saving up to 25%.To add to these is the company’s consistently improving customer support, as Allstar team continues to seek out new resources and exceed its targets in all areas. It offers valuable customer support and its customer support team can be accessed by phone as well as email.

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With numerous fuel card services providers making it to the forefront, choosing the best one can be a tough decision to make. Allstar is a leader in the fuel card market but if you still want to be assured of your choice you may compare its services and prices with other fuel card suppliers on Expert Market. If you are convinced that you have made the right decision, simply start below to complete a simple quote form.

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