Allstar Fuel Card Review: Is it the Right Fuel Card Provider for You in 2022?

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  • UK’s largest network of fuel stations
  • Transaction fees apply, but only up to £2.75
  • HMRC-approved invoices


  • Not suitable for international fleets
  • Mobile app is poorly reviewed
At a glance: Allstar is one of the largest fuel card suppliers in the UK, with an extensive fuel station network – but international businesses are better off looking elsewhere.

Known as Overdrive Business Solutions Ltd until 2005, Allstar is now recognised as an industry-leading fuel card provider in the UK. Boasting more than 40 years of experience, Allstar offers top of the line fuel card services to a broad spectrum of clients. 

With over 7,600 fuel card locations across the UK, Allstar petrol and fuel cards are used by over 38,000 businesses, and more than one million drivers making it one of the most popular suppliers on the market.

Businesses could save up to 25% on fuel costs with Allstar fuel cards. But is it an all-star choice for your business? And how could it benefit your fleet management? We’re here to answer these questions, and more, down the line. 

If you're looking to get started with Allstar, or fuel cards in general, you can receive free, zero-commitment quotes by using our comparison tool. By entering information about your business, you can receive quotes tailored specifically to you.

What are Allstar's fuel card options?

Allstar offers various types of fuel cards to suit businesses of all sizes. But how do they differ? And which types of vehicle do they suit best? Keep in mind, all of these fuel cards will offer the basic services of a logistics dashboard and discounts on fuel.

Allstar One Fuel Card: Best all-round Allstar fuel card

The Allstar One can be used across a wide range of industries and sectors, and is suitable for vans, cars, and large fleets. It also offers reliable support for general administration, cost control, and time management, and can be used at over 7,700 fuel sites, offering up to 10p discounts per litre of diesel.

Allstar One Electric: Best for electric fleets

The Allstar One Electric card is specifically intended for those businesses with a greener mindset, as the name would suggest. This card gives you access to a range of nationwide electric charging sites, while still offering conventional fuelling discounts for those companies transitioning from diesel to electric.

Allstar Supermarket Fuel Card: Best for small local businesses

Ideal for small to medium-sized local businesses, the Supermarket Fuel Card is accepted at over 3,000 fuel sites, including all of the UK’s major supermarkets, like ASDA and Tesco. This card offers low fuel prices, while letting you easily manage your overall fuel consumption.

Allstar Monitor Card: Best for public sector vehicles

Allstar is a government-approved fuel card supplier, and the Monitor fuel card is designed specifically to be used by vehicles in the public sector. It offers unique prices specifically for government-funded vehicles in order to lower government spending.

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What Are Allstar Fuel Card's Locations?

Allstar's network includes over 7,700 sites at various oil brands and supermarkets across the UK. This is a very solid amount, and you likely won't be left too far from a site at any given time. However, the density of these sites does vary based on geographic location.

If your fleet doesn't venture much outside of the southern half of England, you'll be well equipped to find an Allstar-compatible site, with well over half their UK spots being located in this region. However, if you venture into Wales, North England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, you'll find the number of compatible sites dropping off noticeably. Make no mistake – they're still around, but just not as bountiful as in the bottom of England.

This number obviously falls when you consider certain requirements, like 24-hour service, or the ability to accommodate HGVs. However, the ratio is still roughly the same, with southern England having the most sites, while the northern UK has a drop off.

What are Allstar Fuel Cards' features and benefits?

Allstar offers some handy features and benefits to accompany each of its fuel cards. Let’s find out what’s on offer…

✓ 24/7 online account management

Allstar’s online account platform allows you to control every aspect of your fuel card management, around the clock. With this admin tool, you can easily apply spending restrictions to each driver, helping to manage the frequency, volume, and duration of refuelling.

✓ HMRC-approved invoices

With Allstar fuel cards, organising your tax couldn’t be less taxing. The company’s VAT-approved invoices simplify your HMRC compliance efforts, providing you with a VAT breakdown.

✓ UK’s largest network 

You can use Allstar fuel cards at more than 7,700 fuel stations, which equates to over 90% of stations across the UK. This means your drivers will never be too far from a fuelling point, and ensures your fleet keeps running as smoothly as possible.

✓ Accepts alternative fuels

You can also use Allstar fuel cards to fill up on hydrogen-based fuel at various ITM Power refuelling stations. This makes Allstar a great choice for fleets looking to reduce their carbon emissions, and signal their trustworthiness to customers.

What is the Allstar Fuel Card App Like?

Strangely, despite Allstar's general overall quality, their app is absolutely raked across the coals on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, scoring a 1.7 stars on the Apple store.

It's not an issue of being difficult to use or lacking features – almost every review states that the app simply doesn't work. Crashing, failing location tracking, broken features, these are all cited across multiple one-star reviews.

Maybe it used to work on older phones and hasn't been updated, maybe it was released without being finished in the first place. Either way, if the app was tweaked and reworked, it would be functional and useful, Allstar just needs to spend some time making sure it actually works on current gen iPhones and Androids.

How much do Allstar fuel cards cost?

There is no fixed pricing for using Allstar, because – as with most fuel card suppliers – you’ll need a bespoke quote to match the unique needs of your business. However, below we’ve highlighted some of the most important upfront fees, to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay with Allstar.

Fee typeCost
Transaction feeUp to £2.75
Hard copy invoice£9.99
Monthly minimum spend£100 per card
Underused account charge£4 per card per month
Late payment2% of outstanding invoice value*
Exceed credit line£35 for each billing cycle
Account migration£75 per card
Replacement card£6 
Company name change on your card£6 per card
Card-sized key fob£2

*Subject to a £50 minimum fee

How Much Can I Save with Allstar Discount Diesel?

With UK gas prices in flux, the war in Russia causing a meteoric rise in costs, and now a new tax on diesel vehicle parking that will charge diesel drivers up to triple the amount of electric vehicle parking, it's nice to be able to save on diesel costs where you can.

As diesel costs are steadily climbing (with a January national average of 124.9p per litre to an April national average of 147.9p per litre), Allstar's offer of saving approximately 7% of diesel costs is a prospect few would turn down. Here are Allstar's diesel discounts throughout the first four months of 2022.

Week beginningNational averageAllstar premier

Sourced from Allstar's fuel price archive

Is Allstar right for my business?

Allstar might be one of the UK’s leading fuel card suppliers, but it’s not the perfect option for every business. Find out whether it would suit yours below…

“My fleet’s vehicles use both petrol and diesel.”

Allstar caters to both petrol and diesel fuel, as well as alternative options like hydrogen-based fuel. If your fleet uses both petrol and diesel, then we’d recommend using the Allstar Premier Programme card.

“I hate handling invoices.”

Allstar’s HMRC-approved invoices are just what you need, saving you the hassle of breaking down the VAT. You can even order a physical copy of your invoice, at £9.99 apiece.

“I don’t want to pay any transaction fees.”

While Allstar applies transaction fees up to £2.75 per transaction, most of the other large fuel card suppliers – like UK Fuels and Esso – don’t charge any. This could be something to think about when considering your overall expenditure on fuel cards. That’s why we’d always recommend comparing your fuel card options before making a choice.

What Do Allstar Reviews Say?

Allstar fares decently well when it comes to reviews across the web. Before we go into specifics, however, it's worth remembering that these reviews are for Allstar as a business as a whole, not just their fuel cards.

On Trustpilot, Allstar has a 3 star rating. Strangely, this is largely split between five and one star reviews, both taking up 44% of their total reviews. As far as the positive reviews, the customer service is lauded, and that Allstar is overall an easy business to work with.

However, the negative reviews cite that the business charges a 26p fee on each litre purchased through their fuel cards, claiming that this came out of the blue. While a couple of reviews brought this up, our research found no other evidence or citations of this happening.

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Allstar is one of the biggest names in the UK fuel card industry, with more than 7,600 fuel stations across the country. Offering fuel savings of up to 25%, you can see why it’s the chosen fuel card supplier of more than 1 million drivers.

While it does come with a few transaction fees, Allstar makes up for it with HMRC-approved invoicing, excellent customer service, and 24/7 access to an online account management portal. Also, unlike other suppliers, Allstar doesn’t charge a monthly card fee – depending on the supplier, this could save you up to £12 per card, per month.

To help you out with your decision, we’ve partnered with the most trusted fuel card providers in the game, to provide you with a quick, easy, and free way to get tailored quotes. All you need to do is fill in our short form, and we’ll match you up with the right suppliers!

What Are the Best Allstar Fuel Card Alternatives?

Even though it's one of our favourite providers, it's possible that Allstar isn't for you. Maybe the transaction fee has turned you away, or perhaps you need more fuelling sites in the northern UK. The good news is that they're not the only fuel card on the market, with cards being offered by companies like BP and Texaco.

No matter your qualms or preferences, there will be a fuel card provider for you. Have a look at what we consider to be the top 5 fuel cards on the market (which does indeed include Allstar!) and find the option that suits your business.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use an Allstar supermarket card?
The Allstar supermarket card is usable at over 3,000 supermarket petrol stations across the UK. These locations include, but are not limited to, Sainsbury's, Tesco, ASDA, and Morrison's.
How do Allstar fuel cards work?
Fuel cards can allow a business's vehicle fleet to buy fuel using the company's account, rather than needing to be reimbursed by using receipts. Each driver can have their own physical card which is attached to the same account. Under some agreements, fuel cards can also allow for discounts at certain locations.
Who takes Allstar cards?
Allstar fuel cards are accepted at various fuel stations and supermarkets across the country. Some notable examples include ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons, Shell, and BP stations.
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