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Used Franking Machines

Used Franking Machines

New franking machines can cost upwards of £1,000 new in the UK and that is just for a low volume franking machine intended to frank up to around 30 letters a day.

Larger mid volume franking machines can cost around £3,450 for a machine capable of printing 65 letters per minute (LPM) and with up to 100 department accounts for cost monitoring. Another option is to rent basic franking machines costing from around £20 a month and larger machines running into hundreds of pounds every month.

Buying second hand is a great way to let others pay for all of the advanced features when the machine was new. All you need to do is pay a relatively small amount compared to when the machine was brand new.

Used franking machines also have to be purchased from a Royal Mail approved supplier. Generally this is cheaper than buying one new.

Used franking machines have to be fully tested by the company selling them before they can be re sold. Usually the cost of buying a used franking machine includes a Royal Mail account registration upon receipt of your payment. The machines have to be registered before they can be used.

Credit can easily be added to your franking machine once it has been registered and this is done in a similar way as you would top up a pay as you go mobile phone. This can be done twenty four hours a day meaning you should never run out of credit.

Second Hand Franking Machine Cost

A used franking machine can be rented for as little as £65 a quarter. However if you wish to buy one of these used machine the cost will vary depending on what volume of machine you choose.

A low volume machine can be purchased for under £500, a mid volume machine for £795-£995 and a high volume machine for £1900 approximately.

If you are going to purchase a used machine make sure that the company you buy from is Royal Mail approved and the machine has been fully tested. Typically even used machines should come with a guarantee.

High quality franking machines built by mailing machine giants Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Francotyp Postalia (FP) and Frama UK Ltd can also provide amazing used offers starting around £495 for an entry level franking machine.

Mid volume franking machines such as the Neopost IJ35 capable of 70 lpm can be found from around £795 instead of the new price tag of around £3,450 for equivalent current models. This used machine is supplied with a 5 year comprehensive warranty and one year free servicing included in the price.

The high volume Neopost IJ85 printing at speeds of up to 160 lpm and an automatic online thickness adjustment system costs around £1,895 used as opposed to the current model which costs in excess of £11,000 from reputable dealers and represents excellent value for money. A 5 year warranty is also standard as well as a 12 month maintenance contract.

Advantages to Owning a Machine

There are many advantages to owning a franking machine. There will be no need to keep a supply of stamps in stock and no more long queuing at the post office to buy more.

A franking machine makes your post look more professional and your logo can be added so that people know that the letter they receive is from you.

A franking machine also saves you roughly 30% on postage costs. Savings up to 7p per first class letter, 8p on every second class letter, 47p on every large letter and £1.19 on every 2kg parcel can be gained from using a franking machine. Meaning they are an essential piece of equipment for any office with a sizable amount of postage.

Things to Consider

You need to be sure of the number of impressions already done by any used franking machine to be positive that it is far from its expected end-of-life.

If the machine is reconditioned then it will need to be supplied with a warranty covering you for any breakdowns over a certain number of impressions from the date you purchased it. Reconditioned machines may sometimes be better than second hand because main components like print heads and feed rollers will have been replaced as a part of the reconditioning process where as second hand machines can be sold as-is.

Buying Guide & Check List

Before making a buying decision on a second hand franking machine, ask to see the machines service record book or receive a guarantee that the machine has been properly serviced throughout its previous life.

Seeing the service book will enable you to discuss with the dealer the parts that have already been replaced and can help you to make a better informed decision. You may be able to see a high number of service calls logged for problematic issues which may not have been properly resolved.

Stay well clear if you are unsure about why so many service calls had been booked for a particular machine. Make sure any maintenance contract is an onsite repair contract with a replacement machine while your one is out of action. It will save you so much time and money by not having to go to the Post Office while your machine is out of action.

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