Rental Costs for Franking Machines

By Dan Barraclough

Find out how to get the best deal when renting a franking machine and preview some of the cheapest machines available in the UK.

Renting a Franking Machine

Franking machine rental costs will vary between dealers and will also depend on the manufacturer and whether the rental charges include the cost of a maintenance contract to cover repairs and servicing.

An entry-level, low-volume franking machine such as the Autostamp2 by Quadient can be rented for around £16.99 a month and a Pitney Bowes DM50 can be rented from around £20 a month. Before deciding on which model of franking machine to rent, you should enquire about the unknown costs of running one particular model over another.

The added value of having an efficient maintenance service included in your rental agreement should not be underestimated, as the cost of repairing even a mid-volume franking machine can run in to the hundreds of pounds.

Buy or Rent a Franking Machine

A franking machine is a device that can calculate postal charges for a letter or packet by weight and destination and then stamp the postal item by printing the postal stamp directly onto a letter or a label for a large packet or parcel. Modern franking machines will consist of a weighing platform and a feeder that feeds the postal item through the device as the image of the postal stamp is printed onto the letter or label.

You can buy a franking machine outright but many businesses prefer to spread the cost by renting them to take advantage of the savings that come from franking post without the initial cost. Renting a franking machine can start from just £13.95 a month.

Additional features found on more advanced franking machines include:

  • Departmental and individual accounting options to monitor departmental usage
  • Postal charges updating via a LAN connection
  • Auto sealing
  • Stacking options

Hidden Costs When Renting a Franking Machine

Finding the cheapest price for renting a franking machine can be tricky as you may be responsible for regular costs not covered by your initial payment.

Franking machines use ink cartridges to print the stamps, and their cost will vary between manufacturers. Check the cartridge cost before committing yourself to any rental agreement. Find out how many impressions the cartridges make and whether there is an electronic expiry date, after which you have to replace it whether it has run out or not.

The cost of franking machine rental often includes a documentation fee. which is payable along with the first month's rental payment and can cost up to £150. Find out if the supplier you are renting from charges a documentation fee and how much it is before signing anything.

Re-crediting and Updating Franking Machines

Adding credit to your franking machine is not necessarily free so be sure of the rates before going ahead. Many companies will offer so many free re-credits a year. Find out how many and how much they will cost after you have used all of your free re-credits.

Updating tariff charges is often done at specified intervals to keep postal charges current but you have to pay for the connection if it is done by telephone line and some providers charge as much as £1.50 a minute for the call. Be aware of all of these additional charges before you make your decision or let a price comparison website do all of the donkey work for you.

Next Steps

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