How To Do Recorded or Special Delivery On a Franking Machine

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 23 March 2021

How to do recorded delivery on a franking machine

As you're putting your mail through the franking machine, you simply need to select the ‘recorded' or ‘special delivery' option which comes with most machines. The machine will then frank the mail as normal, automatically surcharging your business account. If your machine doesn't have these pre-set options, you'll need to calculate the surcharge yourself manually by checking the current prices online and take it to the Post Office.

Franked mail can be prepared at your own convenience and in your own business time. This can often be far preferable to queuing for hours at your local Post Office. Recorded and Special Delivery mail is slightly different though. These items need to be checked by a Post Office cashier before postage is possible.

The cost of sending mail Recorded Delivery is 1st or 2nd class postal prices plus an additional 95p. This can be prepared with your franking machine by placing your item on the scales, calculating the postage adding on the recorded delivery charge, then printing off label before taking it to a local Post Office for checking.

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Stack of mail
Most machines come with special or recorded delivery pre-sets

How to do special delivery on a franking machine

Doing a special delivery on a franking machine is a fairly straightforward process. The mail is put through the machine in the same way as 1st and 2nd class post, but the special delivery button must first be selected so the surcharge is automatically added on.

When the mail is collected, the special delivery items should not be put in bags or trays. Instead, they should be given directly to the collection driver to ensure that they get the priority treatment that has been paid for. This segregation also applies if the mail is being dropped off at a Post Office by a company representative.

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