Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes manufactures a wide range of franking machines capable of processing almost any volume of mail. Their machines can deal with amounts as small as 20 or 30 letters a day right up to systems capable of dealing with over 5,000 letters a day.

Pitney Bowes franking machines come in 3 broad categories: low-volume, mid-volume and high-volume models.

Pitney Bowes Franking Machines Review
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Low Volume Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

DM60 franking machine

Pitney Bowes DM60

An entry level franking machine, whose simple no-frills processing makes it a winner for any small or home business.

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DM110i digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes DM110i

A digital franking machine, capable of processing 25 letters per minute. Mailmark compliant and ideal for small businesses.

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DM160i digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes DM160i

Top end of the entry level models, the DM160i can frank mail at speeds of 40LPM.It is aimed at low-volume mid-sized businesses or growing small buisnesses.

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Mid Volume Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

DM220i digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes DM220i

Frank mail at speeds of 45LPM, create up to 100 departmental accounts and weigh packages up to 5kg with the DM220i.

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DM300M digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes DM300M

Automatically feed, process and frank mail with the DM330M, a rapid franking machine equipped to handle the rigors of busy offices.

DM400M digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes DM400M

Maximise team productivity with the time-saving DM400M. Process mail items rapidly and print slogans and adverts onto mail to increase brand exposure.

Connect+ 500W franking machine

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W

Simple, powerful mail processing. The 500W is a streamlined version of Pitney Bowes high-volume franking machines. All the power, none of the price.

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Connect+ 1000 digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000

A high end franking machine boasting Mailmark technology to ensure your mail is franked quickly and correctly.

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High Volume Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

Connect+ 2000 digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 2000

The Connect+ 2000 can turn your mailroom into a revenue generating department by rapidly processing mail, printing engaging ads and messages across the entirety of the envelope.

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Connect+ 3000 digital franking machine

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000

Intuitive colour touch screen operation, high resolution printing, auto document feeding and unbelievably fast mail processing mark the Connect+ 3000 out as the top of the line Pitney Bowes franking machine.

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Discontinued models

The following models have been discontinued by Pitney Bowes, but remain popular second-hand alternatives for those companies working on a budget:

Buy or Rent a Pitney Bowes Franking Machine

Now that you know a little more about the range of Pitney Bowes franking machines that are available, you’re next choice is whether to buy or rent a machine. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage to buying is that the overall running costs tend to be lower, but you have to put all the money upfront.

Renting on the other hand means you have to pay a monthly fee (from £16.99 to several hundred pounds), but don’t have to shell out a large sum at the outset. Moreover, you may have more flexibility if you want to upgrade your machine in the future.

More Reasons To Consider Key Pitney Bowes


Intellilink is an online service provided by Pitney Bowes that allows your franking machine to access a whole range of mailing services and features that will enhance your machine’s capability. With Intellilink you can access and re-credit your account by phone or online 24 hours a day.

There is also a 55-day free credit facility that lets you post now and pay later. You can also download free advertising slogans that can be printed on your envelopes at no extra charge. In fact, use of the Intellilink service is free to anyone who purchases a Pitney Bowes machine and registration to the service is quick and simple.

Pitney Bowes Service Cover

When you buy a Pitney Bowes franking machine you are given the option of taking Inclusive cover that means your machine is fully protected should you experience any problems with the machine or the service.

With inclusive cover there is no charge for parts, no call-out charge and no charge for labour. All you need to do is call their PB Direct Assist Team and they will assess if the problem needs an on-site visit or if it can be corrected over the phone or online.

With PB direct assist you will get a guaranteed next-day visit from one of their engineers as well as any repairs, parts and labour at no extra charge. You will receive a mandatory check of your machine once a year to ensure that it complies with the Royal Mail’s standards of quality and functionality.

You will receive automatic postal charge updates directly to your machine as and when they occur. All this as well as certain other features for a one time charge with no hidden extra charges.

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