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Pitney Bowes DM50 Digital SMART Franking Machine - Prices & Specs

Pitney Bowes DM50 Digital SMART Franking Machine

Here we'll take a look at the Pitney Bowes DM50 franking machine, providing technical and pricing information where possible to help you make the most informed choice when looking, buying or leasing.

Note: This Franking Machine model has been discontinued but it is still possible to buy a used model.

Pitney Bowes DM50 Overview

The Pitney Bowes DM50 Digital SMART Franking Machine is an entry level device that can process items at speeds of up to 20 letters a minute. It also features an automatic date advance feature, which franks the next day's date to helps users save time and work more efficiently. Content and accounts can be protected by password security, which comes as standard.

The DM50 has an integral 2.5kg weighing scale, which is uncommon on entry level machines of this size. However, it offers a great time saving advantage as well as the ability to print promotional messages on all outgoing mail.

DM50 Prices

The DM50 is the ideal franking machine for a small or home office . DM50 prices will differ between dealers and suppliers but will average at around £1,020 in the UK with an extended warranty for £25 covering any faults.

Rental costs can start as low as £19 per month. Postal rate change updates will cost £59.95 for each update which occurs twice a year.

To add cash to your postage account there is a charge of £13 for each postage credit top-up.

Lease options are also available at very affordable rates with a five year fixed payment lease plan that should cost you around £7 a week or £8 if you want to include an extended warranty cover over the 5 year period.

DM50 Free Trial Offer and Rental

Many dealers are offering great 30 day free trial offers which allow you to try out the Dm50 and enjoy immediate postage discounts without paying a penny.

If you are not happy with the machine for any reason during the free trial offer you can call your dealer who will arrange collection of the machine.

After the trial period you can then buy the machine or sign a 12 month rental agreement for as little as £19 a month which is a much cheaper option than leasing.

Rental contracts are a much more cost effective option as they usually include servicing, repairs and Royal Mail postage update charges. There a few special offers which include £10 free postage credit if you act quickly so get searching now.

Ink Cartridge Cost and Yield

The DM50 uses one ink jet cartridge which will cost you £34.95 for an original Pitney Bowes cartridge or as little as about £12 for a compatible ink cartridge.

If you are planning to buy compatible cartridges then try to use one of the more reputable ink cartridge suppliers or ask an authorized Pitney Bowes dealer to recommend a high quality supplier or brand.

You will not invalidate your warranty for using compatible ink cartridges and since the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) ruled against the voiding of warranties for using consumables this has been backed by UK law.

Finding A UK Pitney Bowes DM50 Dealer

Pitney Bowes successfully uses a network of highly trained dealers to sell and service their machines including the DM50. Authorized Pitney Bowes dealers receive training in the correct marketing of Pitney Bowes products which includes making sure that you are only sold what you need rather than being sold a machine with impressive features that you will never use.

If dealers consistently ignore the guidelines laid down by Pitney Bowes in terms of honest marketing and consultation, they could see their dealership agreement terminated.

Authorized dealers must also have a certain number of franking machine engineers that have undergone Pitney Bowes technical training courses.

The number of engineers a dealer has will be determined by the amount of machines they look after in terms of maintenance cover.

It is advisable to only use authorized Pitney Bowes dealers to purchase or rent the DM50 from in order to get the best prices and the highest level of technical support and maintenance cover.

Finding the top DM50 dealers in the UK is not a difficult task although it is sometimes hard to tell whether a supplier is actually an authorized Pitney Bowes dealer or just a general retailer.

Using authorized dealers will ensure that they have top level support from Pitney Bowes in terms of technical training for their engineers and the best product discounts that they can pass on to their customer, you.

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