Neopost (Quadient) IS-280c Franking Machine – 2020 Review, Prices & Specs

By Dan Barraclough

Quadient IS-280c Franking Machine

Neopost IS-280cFranking Machine

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Quadient IS-280c

The Quadient IS-280c franking machine is designed for and aimed at smaller businesses, particularly those who only send small amounts of mail each day. The machine provides instant stamps, exact rates and a professional image. In this article we will look at the main features and functions of the IS-280c and decide whether Quadient delivers its promises on this model.

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Quadient IS-280c Features

The Quadient IS-280c is aimed at small or growing companies who want to significantly reduce the time they spend sending post and packages via trips to the Post Office.

The IS-280c can print onto envelopes of up to 8mm in thickness or can print labels, which can then be directly attached to larger items.

The machine has an integrated weighing platform which weighs objects up to 2kg in weight.

The IS-280c can run 1,200 cycles an hour. Postal rates can be stored on to the machine to ensure tariff errors are not made by the user. The machine is small and compact, weighing just 7.5kg in total.

This franking machine boasts a high printing resolution for clean, professional images. It is also possible to manage your franking account online, which allows companies the chance to track their postal expenditure.

Low balance alerts can be setup to ensure that postal credits never run out.

Quadient IS-280c
Speed (LPM)Low
Envelope thickness (mm)8mm
Weight Scale3kg
Number of adverts10
Number of Accounts10
Length (mm)316
Height (mm)194
Depth (mm)225

IS-280c Prices

The recommended retail price for Quadient's IS-280c is £1,250.00 which makes it the second cheapest franking machine currently offered by the company.

The basic after sales care package, which includes telephone support, is £186.00 per year. The more advanced care package is £280.00 and this includes postal rate change protection as well as all the features offered in the basic package.

A red ink cartridge for the machine costs £82.99. A box of franking labels containing 2000 labels cost £61.99 although this price is reduced to £49.59 per box when 20 or more are ordered. A starter pack is offered by Quadient for £89.99.

This represents good value as it contains an ink cartridge, a letter opener, assorted envelopes and franking labels.

If paying over one thousand pounds outright for a machine is too much there are also rental and lease options which begin as low as £19 per month.

Neopost IS-280c Reviews?

The IS-280c franking machine was well received upon its release and is still highly regarded today. The machine is an award-winner of the Editor's Choice Award by Business Info, a magazine covering workplace technology in small and medium businesses.

Reviewers of the model claim it is ideal for smaller businesses as it is efficient, fast and cheap. They also say it gives their mail a much more professional look than simply sending through standard methods.

The IS-280c is among the smallest and cheapest franking machine offered by Quadient but this in no way means that it is the least effective. Indeed, the machine is one of the most popular models offered by the company. The machine is geared towards smaller or growing businesses who are perhaps buying their first franking machine to eliminate the need for regular trips to the Post Office.

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