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Neopost IN-700 Franking Machine - 2018 Review + Info

Neopost IN-700 Franking Machine - 2018 Review + Info

Neopost IN-700 Franking Machine

Neopost IN-700 Franking Machine
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Neopost IN-700

The Neopost IN-700 was originally unveiled in 2013 as an upgrade on Neopost’s previous high-volume franking machines, the IS-460 and IS-480. The IN-700 processes mail at 140LPM, which will prove to be an unbelievable time-saver.

The IN-700 is a serious upgrade on the mid-volume IN-600.

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Neopost IN-700 Features

The Neopost IN-700 is a franking machine built for speed. It boasts rapid automatic document feeding, which includes the ability to process both portrait and landscape mail at the same time. This means that less time is spent spent sorting mail and more time can be spelt being productive elsewhere.

The on-board scale provides in-line weighing that automatically prices mail items as they are processed, bearing in mind size, thickness and weight. The weighing platform can also help to reduce costs by ensuring all mail is weighed and priced properly, eliminating costly stamping errors.

The IN-700 possesses a colour touch screen for simple and intuitive operation, which your team will find easy to master. Onboard smart technologies such as Rate Wizard help to prevent the wrong postage being applied, further cutting costs.

Fast connectivity speeds ensure mail rates are kept up to date and can be used by any of the 70 available accounts. The number of individual users can be expanded up to 500 accounts and each is protected by a password PIN for maximum security.

Bear in mind however, that the Neopost IN-700 is not discrete. It sits at more than a metre in length and will need its own dedicated desktop. Then again, this franking machine is aimed at large, busy businesses who are more likely than not able to comfortably house this time and money saving device.

Combining state of the art technology with intelligent systems, the IN-700 is a best in class solution for large busy businesses in need of a more streamlined mailroom.

Neopost IN-700
Speed (LPM)150 (90 w/ dynamic scales)
Envelope thickness (mm)16mm
Weight Scale3/5/10/30kg
Number of adverts10
Number of Accounts70 (Expand up to 500)
Length (mm)1,219
Height (mm)457
Depth (mm)330

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The Neopost IN-700 is perfect for large companies who process high volumes of mail.

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