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Neopost IJ25 Franking Machines

Neopost IJ25

Note: This Franking Machine model has been discontinued but it is still possible to buy a used model.

The Neopost IJ25 processes letters at speeds of up to 20 pieces per minute and recommended for volumes of up to 50 letters a day.

With a 2kg integral weighing platform and a postage top up system using and integral modem and a telephone line for just 45 seconds the IJ25 is easily one of the most cost effective and efficient low volume franking machines on the market.

Neopost IJ25 prices can be found from around £495 in the UK and is normally supplied with a 5 year of 100,000 impression warranty. This price also includes 12 months of servicing absolutely free after which the yearly cost for a maintenance contract will be £149.

Neopost IJ25 Rental

Although £495 may not sound like a lot of money there may be some business start ups that could best use that money elsewhere.

For this reason the IJ25 is also available to rent from as cheap as £22.95 a month which includes full technical support and maintenance as well as free tariff rate updates for the duration of the rental period.

For £29.95 you can rent the Neopost IJ25 with all print cartridge replacements included which is a saving of £39.95 for each cartridge.

Benefits of Franking

The benefits of franking mail are many and include the avoidance of sticking too many stamps in error and over charging yourself. The integrated weighing scales and automatic tariff updates will ensure that postal charges are always accurate.

In addition, the petty theft of postage stamps will be a thing of the past and, not surprisingly, it was this type of petty theft that inspired Arthur H. Pitney (Pitney Bowes co-founder) to conceive the franking machine in the first place.

Franking machines also attract a sizable discount of up to 30% compared with using conventional stamps as Royal Mail time is being saved by using franking systems.

Typical examples of postal savings include a standard second class letter of up to 100g in weight normally costing 36p and costing a mere 28p using a franking machine.

First class mail of the same size and weight and normally costing 46p with stamps costs just 39p by frank.

Finding the Best Neopost Dealers

Finding the best Neopost dealers in the UK can be an awkward task as many websites may appear to be Neopost dealers but they are in fact not authorized dealers.

As an authorized Neopost dealer all engineers employed receive manufacturer technical training courses on all of the latest Neopost products.

Their service departments are best equipped to deal with a range of technical problems should they arise as well as ongoing maintenance procedures.

The best way to find authorized Neopost dealers in your area is to complete the short form provided and start receiving the best quotes from the top Neopost dealers in the UK.