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Mailroom Equipment

Choosing The Right Mailroom Equipment For Your Company

Choosing the right mailroom equipment can be the difference between running an efficient department and one which prevents a company from maximising profits. Even the smallest part of the process can be key to getting the best out of your entire business. There are various pieces of equipment and supplies which can help businesses speed up processes and reduce idling time and spending. The most popular pieces of mailroom equipment to complement your franking machine are listed below.

Letter Openers

The mailroom is at the heart of some companies, even in the age of electronic communication. In fact many companies rely on an efficient mailroom and opening letters and packages is a huge part of that, so a company that receives large amounts of mail should therefore invest in a range of letter openers.

A letter opener may seem on the face of it to be an old fashioned idea but can in fact be a high tech piece of equipment, able to open huge quantities of mail automatically, saving time and freeing staff up for other tasks.

Prices for electronic letter openers can be as little as £30 but for industrial sized models the price can be as much as several hundreds of pounds.

Vacuum Packaging Machines

The vacuum packaging machine is an essential part of the 21st century mailroom. Vacuum packaging machines are used in a wide range of processes, from keeping food fresh in hospitality and retail sectors to efficient warehouse space management, but it is also used to great advantage in mailroom environments.

Efficient packaging is at the heart of any successful mailroom and the space saving advantages and packaging effectiveness of a vacuum packaging machine is perfectly suited to most mailrooms.

Prices for vacuum packaging machines range from £50 to £500, depending on the model in question and size of operation it will be used in.

Shrink Wrap Machines

An alternative to vacuum packing, a shrink wrap machine can also be utilised to great effect in mailroom environments. The ability to quickly shrink wrap products, or outgoing and incoming mail, can be extremely helpful in the mailroom environment.

With packaging being an ongoing expense for any company with a mailroom, a shrink wrap machine can cut costs and allow a company to use less packaging materials while streamlining the whole process.

Shrink wrap machines are available for a wide ranging level of prices. Warehouse shrink wrap machines can cost as much £3000 but general mailroom models can be purchased for as little as £50.

Envelope Printers

An envelope printer is the perfect way to personalise your label printing. Not only can this be a hugely helpful machine for flexible and unique packaging, it can also save a company money by producing its own packaging solutions.

Although envelope printing is a relatively simple process, the models that are available can lead to some complicated and wide ranging price options. At the cheapest end, usually suitable for simple mailroom services, you can purchase an envelope printer for as little as £70 but for complex ventures or harsher environments, like warehouses, the price can reach as high as £500.

Folder Inserters

The folder inserter goes by many names, including an envelope stuffer, letter stuffer and paper folding machine but whatever the name, the advantages are easy to see. Allowing for professional looking printing of brochures and crisp, clean presentation and inserts, the folder inserter is perfect for companies that utilise this kind of printing in their operations.

When factoring in the price of purchasing and running a folder inserting machine, a company should consider the savings that such a machine can provide. Although the folder inserter is not the cheapest piece of mailroom equipment you will come across, in the long run the initial few thousand pounds spent are usually considered a wise investment by those that utilise the machine’s many advantages.

Next Steps

Because mailroom equipment is a varied in use and price, it can be extremely difficult to know where to start when comparing products. On the face of it a folder inserter would seem to be a risky purchase at those prices, but for many companies it can save an enormous amount in the long run. At the other end of the scale, an entry level letter opener might seem a risk free purchase but the wrong piece of equipment can slow your whole operation down to a standstill.

By comparing mailroom equipment with this simple form, it should take no longer than a minute, you can compare products that are reliable and relevant to your business’s size, requirements and budget, saving you time, frustration and headaches in the future.