Mailmark Franking Machines Guide

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 25 July 2019

What is Mailmark?

Formerly known as Enterprise Intelligent Barcode, or “EIB”, Mailmark is the newest and most efficient way of franking. It can analyse and manage high volumes of mail using the latest barcode technology.

Companies that frank their own mail are able to keep track of their entire operation in real time by printing Mailmark barcodes on their packages.

Mailmark is the least expensive method of sending mail. This makes it an extremely popular option in the retail and wholesale sectors, or with any business producing large quantities of letters and packages to send to customers or clients.

Business advantages

  • Savings – For companies that frank their own mail, Mailmark offers pricing options for companies to receive the maximum savings. Over the long term these savings can run into small fortunes, especially for companies with a large mail output.

  • Business repliesRoyal Mail Mailmark offers the opportunity for a company to receive responses from your addressees, enhancing responses and maximising loyalty and profits.

  • Real time updates – Real time email updating allows for greater control and management of your whole process from start to finish. This has many advantages to a business, not least being able to keep an eye on postage expenditure.

  • Avoiding underpayment – Because Mailmark works in real time, you can avoid any underpayment surcharges that can run into significant levels when added up over time. This way you can rest assured that there will be no hidden charges down the line.

  • LAN compatible – Old fashioned procedures that tie up phone lines can now be avoided as Royal Mail Mailmark works with Broadband making it far more efficient to use and reducing the need for old fashioned equipment like fax machines.

  • Franking machine benefits – All the benefits to franking your mail over standard postage apply to Mailmark to an even greater extent. Mailmark also works with the most modern franking machinery so you can also present your packages and documents in the most professional way possible by adding your company logo and other information in a way that suits you.

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Mailmark franking machines

Frama Matrix F-Series

Frama Smart Mailing logo

The Frama Matrix F-Series offers many Mailmark franking machines of various quality. From the simple and reliable touchscreen system of the F-12, to the high end, sturdy and high performance of the F-82 model, the Frama Matrix F-Series is one of the most popular range of Mailmark franking machines on the market.

Prices vary for the various Frama Matrix models and as Frama are a relatively small company producing fewer numbers of machines than other franking companies, the prices can also differ. Certainly there are enough models available to suit almost every budgetary requirement and operation.

Quadient IS Series

Neopost logo

The Quadient IS series is one of the biggest selling Mailmark franking machines on the market. With various options available from the simplified IS-280 model, to the more complex, self-aligning and efficient IS-480, there is a Mailmark franking machine for all operations.

Prices for the IS-280 start from around £1400, which is not a low end price for an entry level machine but it is thought that Quadient do not offer low end franking equipment. For a more complex and high end model, the IS-480 starts from as much as £10,000 but it should be noted that only a few processes will need the technical wizardry of this model.

FP Mailing Portbase

FP Mailing logo

The FP Mailing Portbase Series offers great expertise in the Mailmark franking machine arena. With so many models of varying ability and complexity on offer, FP have covered all franking bases with their Portbase models.

With the unique Mini model and its 3.5” touch display, FP have manufactured the perfect small scale solution to the franking process, while the Navigator Plus model offers a tablet interface that is simple to use yet in depth in its applications.

FP prices are pretty standard for Mailmark franking machines. At entry level the QI3 model is affordable without being exceptionally so, while the QI9 model is a high end and high performing machine that is priced accordingly.

Pitney Bowes DM-160

Pitney Bowes logo

It is hard to avoid any Pitney Bowes franking machine when comparing any level of quality equipment in this sector but we have chosen the ever popular DM-160 for comparison. The DM-160 is a low to mid level franking machine that has proved to be one of the highest sellers in the business. With a high level of data capture and simple connectivity design, it is little wonder that the DM-160 is so highly thought of.

Prices for all franking machines depend largely on the complexity of the model but longevity and sturdiness should also be considered. This is one the most complete models on the market, while still being affordable at just over £1000.

Next steps

With so many options available, even within the pages of one supplier, it can be a little overwhelming finding which models to compare. Certainly as franking machines represent such a large expense, a company should properly research the equipment best suited to their operation.

By filling in our simple web form, it should take no longer than a minute, you can compare the exact models that suit your business best, saving you time, money and frustration.

Save by Comparing Franking Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have a Franking Machine?

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