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Is Franking the Cheapest Way to Send Post?

Find out how much your business could save, by using the calculator below. Scroll down for your results!

How much could you save with a franking machine?

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Is Franking the Cheapest Way to Send Post for Your Business?

When you are dealing with large quantities of mail then getting the best value for money is essential. You will find yourself asking the all-important question: Is doing my own franking really the cheapest way to send post?

In short, the answer's yes - and here's why:

1st class prices (and 2nd for that matter) have continued to rise periodically over the last few years, piling on the expense for everyone. Indeed, the reason more and more businesses are going down the franking route isn't just a matter of general dissatisfaction over pricing, it is in fact a smart move to save cold hard cash.

How Much Mail Would Make it Worth my While to Consider Franking as an Option?

The first consideration is the reduction in prices for a franked item as opposed for paying for mail at the post office. The current reduction is 5p for a first class item and 7p for a second class item. For letters and packets, the savings continue. For example, a 1251-1500g packet will save 98p on stamps.

So, as an example, to make a saving of £50 per week, a business would need to send out 1000 first class letters, or 714 second class letters, or 51 parcels weighing 500g. Obviously, this can be a combination of items.

Franking Prices

When it comes to pricing, the use of a franking machine is a no-brainer. 16p and 19p can be saved on standard first and second class letters respectively.

Given these figures, if you are sending out large quantities of mail, it all adds up to a major saving. Take note of the following as it's vital to understand the differences in standard 'Joe Public' prices and those of franked mail.

Close your eyes. Just for a moment imagine the difference between retail and wholesale prices and you start to get the picture; when it comes to using franking machines, quite simply the more you send, the more you save. It's basic maths and should fit in well with your business model if you want to be as economical as possible.

Save by Comparing Franking Quotes from Leading Suppliers

Do you already have a Franking Machine?

Reaching Royal Mail

As far as research is concerned, Royal Mail can be contacted very easily via their website regarding exact rates on bulk franked mail items and can even give you prices on machines available direct from them.

Also, bear in mind that you can save a great deal of money by renting a franking machine. Starting from just £16.99 a month, the man hours alone when trying to do the work manually exceed this quite considerably. Applied to any business with a lot of outgoing mail, it's a saving you really need to make.

With all things considered, any good business will do the proper research online and go for a machine that will suit and meet the needs of the company - and there are plenty of models to choose from. If you speak to a member of our team at Expert Market (fill out the form above), we will help you decide on the best deal possible without you feeling that you have a limited amount of choice.

It is important you get a Royal Mail approved machine. You can see the logo displayed on the product pages along with the running costs. Take note as this information is vital to the overall cost per year.

Franking Machine Maintenance

When purchasing a franking machine, you have to think of it as an electronic member of staff, albeit one that can sort large amounts of mail but doesn't require to be paid a salary. The running costs of the machine will pale in comparison with the savings made on each letter and after all, the bottom line is the margin - profit - and by saving money on mail it's bound to be even healthier.

Next Steps

Looking to start saving money for your business? Well, franking your own mail is one way to start, the other is to compare franking machine quotes through Expert Market and potentially make big money savings of up to 30%. To start saving sooner, pop your details into our form at the head of this article. We'll use the information you provide to give you a call and talk through your options. Once we know your unique situation we can match you to leading UK franking machine suppliers.