How to Sell a Franking Machine

By Dan Barraclough

Can it be done?

If you are looking to sell on a franking machine that is surplus to your requirements (e.g. you are upgrading, or you simply no longer have any need for one), then while it may not be the easiest of items to sell, there are ways in which you may be able to do this.

Things to Check Beforehand

Many machines, particularly the more modern makes, need to be topped up electronically. Whoever you are selling your franking machine to would need to re-licence it with Royal Mail.

This process can be costly for the buyer, and indeed can cost as much as simply buying a new machine. It is therefore recommended that you ensure that the machine is in good working order and any serial numbers are visible (the buyer will need these).

Also, as the buyer may be better off buying a brand new device, understand that you may not be able to sell your used machine for as much as you hoped for.

Leased/Rented Machines

If you have rented or leased your franking machine from a manufacturer, then you cannot sell the machine on to someone else. This is actually illegal. In these instances, you must return the machine to the manufacturer.

Otherwise they can class the machine as being lost or stolen, and the buyer will not be able to obtain a licence in order to use it.

Where Can I Advertise?

Sellers cannot currently sell franking machines on eBay, as they are listed as a prohibited item. If you attempt to list one, it will be removed from the site and could result in suspension of your buying and selling privileges, or the suspension of your eBay account.

This applies even if you own the machine. eBay will only allow sellers to sell franking machine supplies, for example ink and labels.

Because of this, other websites or publications may choose or choose not to list your item, so to be on the safe side, it is best to check.

According to the list of prohibited items on online classifieds ads site Gumtree, franking machines/postage meters are not mentioned and, at present, they are listing used franking machines. However, bear in mind that they are able to remove items at their discretion which they feel do not belong on the site.

Having reviewed alternative websites, auctions site eBid state that anything which is illegal to sell is prohibited, but does not specifically mention anything with regards to franking.

The site Freeads also does not mention franking machines, but their terms and conditions are also clear about any illegal activity, and does currently list used franking machines. Illegal goods are prohibited on classified ads site Vivastreet, but they do not specifically mention franking machines either.

It may also be worthwhile to contact your local newspaper about a listing, as while this may not be free, it could help to advertise to local businesses who may be looking to buy a cheap machine.”

Where Can Franking Machines be Sold?

A franking machine can be sold to a company that purchases these devices in order that they can lease them out or sell them on to others for a higher price after a reconditioning process has taken place.

These companies can easily be found online. You will need to enter the brand, model and serial number of the device into the website in order to find out how much it is worth. Franking machines cannot be sold on eBay because they are listed as a prohibited item.

Who Would Purchase a Secondhand Franking Machine?

Many businesses prefer to purchase secondhand franking machines, as they are often cheaper than brand new versions. This is important for companies that wish to save money on expenses due to a low budget.

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