Franking Machine Costs in 2022: Our Price Guide

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 26 April 2021

How much does a franking machine cost in 2021? Read on to find out…

The overall cost of a franking machine is dictated by how many letters that particular machine can process.

That’s to say, an advanced franking machine processing thousands of letters per day will cost much more than a basic machine that handles a few hundred letters per week.

Franking machine costs comparison

Franking machineVolume of mailCost to buyCost to rent
Low volumeUp to 100 letters per day£1,000£20+/month
Mid volumeUp to 250 letters per day£2,500£50+/month
High volumeOver 250 letters per day£5,000+£100+/month

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Low volume franking machine costs

PostBase Mini franking machine
FP Postbase Mini

Low volume franking machines are suitable for small businesses that deal with under 100 letters each day. These machines can only process small amounts of mail on a daily basis, which makes them an effective way to save on franking machine costs if you’re running a small business.

Approximate cost to buy: £1,000

Approximate cost to rent: £20 per month

Approximate cost to buy second-hand: £500

The best cheap franking machines that process low volumes of mail include the FP PostBase Mini, the Pitney Bowes DM60, and the Quadient IS-280c. All three machines come with touchscreens, integrated scales for parcels, and logo-printing features.

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Mid volume franking machine costs

DM300M digital franking machine
Pitney Bowes DM 300M

Standard franking machines, otherwise known as mid-volume machines, are suitable for medium-sized businesses that handle up to 250 letters per day. Typically, these franking machines cost over £2,500 upfront, but come with a wider choice of features than low volume machines – these include automatic letter feeders, and real time reports on your overall franking machine costs.

Approximate cost to buy: £2,500

Approximate cost to rent: £50 per month

Approximate cost to buy second-hand: £1,000

With over a decade’s experience in researching and recommending franking machines, we can confidently state that the best mid-volume machines include the FP PostBase Vision 5S, the FP PostBase Vision 7A, the Pitney Bowes DM220i, and the Pitney Bowes DM300M.

High volume franking machine costs

IN-700 franking machine
Quadient IN-700

Large or growing businesses that send out hundreds of mail items per day need high-volume franking machines to keep up with demand. These franking machines usually cost a few thousand pounds, but come with advanced features, such as dynamic scales that automatically weigh, price, and frank your large volumes of post at high speeds. They also come with optional scales that can weigh packages up to around 30kg, and can typically process hundreds of letters per minute.

Approximate cost to buy: £5,000+

Approximate cost to rent: £100+ per month

Approximate cost to buy second-hand: £1,500+

With over ten years of experience in the franking machine industry, we can confidently state that the best high-volume machines include the Quadient IN-700, the PostBase Vision Ten, and the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 500W.

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Prices for franking machine accessories

You can invest in various accessories as part of your mailing processes, but that will of course add to your overall franking machine cost. Below are some of the most common pieces of mailroom equipment and franking machine accessories, and their approximate cost:


Sold by suppliers such as Pitney Bowes, Quadient, and FP, franking machine ink cartridges typically cost between £80 and £150 for low volume machines, around £200 for mid-volume machines, and approximately £400 for high-volume machines.

Depending on your mailing volume, you’ll likely need to replace your ink cartridge every few months or so. This means you’re typically looking at an annual ink cost of £600 to £800.


Used for personalising your mail, franking machine labels usually cost around £15 exc. VAT for 1,000 rolls, approximately £50 exc. VAT for 4,000 rolls, and about £100 exc. VAT for 10,000 rolls.

Containers and trays

The containers and trays you need should come with your machine, and so will most likely fall under your overall franking machine cost. Regular trays can typically hold up to 400 letters, or around 80 large envelopes.

The cost of renting a franking machine

Buying a new franking machine outright can be a significant expense, especially for a small business, but you can offset this by renting a model instead.

Franking machine rental prices start at roughly £20 per month for a machine suitable for small businesses, and around £29 per month for a deal that includes access to onsite repair and replacement ink cartridges when you need them, as well as a low volume franking machine.

Renting offers a number of attractive benefits, such as tax deductions, lower risk maintenance agreements, and the ability to get a higher grade machine than you would normally be able to afford.

Can a franking machine save me money?

One of the biggest benefits of using a franking machine is cutting your postal costs. Your overall franking machine cost will be lower than your regular stamp usage cost, because franking machines have much lower postal rates than ordinary Royal Mail stamps.

Use our table below to see how much money you could save by franking your post…

Franked mail vs stamps price comparison

Prices accurate as of April 2021

2021StampsFrankingYour savings…
1st Class Letters85p72p15.3%
1st Class Small Parcel£3.85£3.684.4%
2nd Class Letters66p47p28.8%
2nd Class Small Parcel£3.20£3.006.3%
Special Delivery Next Day£6.85£6.603.6%
Special Delivery 9am£22.26£20.746.8%
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