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What are the Benefits of Using a Franking Machine?

What are the Benefits of Switching to Franked Mail?

1. Postage Discounts

Royal Mail currently offer a 34% discount for franked mail as opposed to stamped mail. Stamps are more costly to produce because they need to be printed and backed with an adhesive glue. They then have to be placed onto an expensive glossy backing paper. When you use a franking machine, you or someone in your company will do the work. This is a cost saving to the Royal Mail because it means that they are not paying staff to stamp your mail for you.

2. A Professional Marketing Tool

When you send out franked mail it looks both professional and business like. The ink stamp can be tailored and customised to your business so that it has your company logo on it. It can also contain messages if you have anything to promote. For this reason, it has great marketing benefits for your business.

3. Accurate Postage

Because most franking machines have a scale built into them, the measured weight will always be accurate and so will the postage. This stops any over or underpayment and ensures your clients will never be put in a position where they have pay to receive your mail.

4. Open 24 Hours

Topping up franking machines is a quick and easy process which is done online. This means that you can be franking mail at any time of the day; useful when it comes to urgent jobs or unexpected mail outs. Post Office queues will also be avoided, thus saving on staff time.

5. Tax Deductions

Franking machines keep track of all of your postage costs making it easier for you to claim these as expenses on your tax return. Most machines will provide a printed report whenever you need it.

6. Security

Most modern franking machines are protected with a pass code so only authorised users can access the machine.

7. Flexibility

Franking machines come in various sizes. They can be bought or leased, depending on your business needs. They can cost as little as twenty pounds a month to lease or as much as a thousand for the high volumes models, so you can easily choose the most appropriate option for you.

8. Special Treatment

Most of the larger Post Offices have special post boxes for franked mail. Smaller Post Offices will normally have an allocated area in which to drop it off. Royal Mail also provides mail bags and trays to help you to organise your post at no extra cost.

Comparing Providers

As you can see, there are many advantages to switching to franked mail. However, as with any business purchase you should always find out all the details of the extra costs involved. How much is the ink? Does the machine need to be serviced regularly? And so on. Always read the small print before buying or signing a lease and remember to compare providers.

If you are thinking about getting a franking machine for your business, UK suppliers include Pitney Bowes, Neopost, FP Mailing Solutions and Frama.