Free Franking Machine Trial For Small Businesses

By Dan Barraclough

In order for reputable dealers to allow businesses to experience the benefits of franking machines can offer small businesses, they are often willing to provide a free franking machine trial for small businesses for a period of 30 days.

Small Business Franking Machines

Small business franking machines will normally include:

  • An integral weighing platform
  • At least 10 departmental accounting codes
  • Automatic tariff updates via telephone or LAN, and
  • Possibly an envelope sealer as an option

Such machines can cost around £1,000 to buy and around £20 to rent each month with the advantage of a free franking machine for the first month so that you can decide if that model is right for your business or not.

Utilizing a free franking machine trial for your small business will not just reveal how convenient franking machines are at saving time by avoiding Post Office queues, but also prove the generous postage discounts offered by the Royal Mail.

Franked Mail Postage Savings

Those businesses franking their mail rather than occupying Royal Mail staff at offices are rewarded by up to 30 per cent discounts on postal charges. A standard 1st class letter of 100g in weight will cost just 55p when franked as opposed to 75p using normal stamps.

Second class franked mail of 750g currently costs £1.76 by normal post and just £1.30p using a franking machine. Packets of 1000g that cost £3.71 using first class stamps cost only £2.86 by franked mail which represents a saving of 85p.

Comparing Free Franking Machine Trials

Each company that offers free franking machine trials will give you the option to continue renting the machine after the free trial period.

Before making a decision on which free franking machine offer to accept, you must properly understand the differences between:

  • Each rental contract
  • Their prices
  • Benefits
  • Lengths

Some rental agreements will include a ‘documentation fee' which can cost as much as £200 and must be paid upfront. Others will have rental payments that include maintenance and the cost of all ink cartridge replacements for the duration of the rental agreements. Weigh up the value of each element of the rental agreement to get a better picture of the best value option.

Finding the best free franking machine trial for small businesses that will lead to competitive rental agreements, can easily be done by filling out the simple form provided on the top of this page and then sit back, relax and let the best free franking machine offers find you.

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