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Franking Machine Supplies

Franking Machine Supplies

Franking Machine Supplies

Once you have decided on the model, the next step is to stock up on the various franking machine supplies needed to frank your documents. The good news is the materials needed are cheap, especially when bought in bulk, and easily ordered. The most obvious supplies are franking machine ink and envelopes. Other supplies can be used with a franking machine, and can become necessary depending on what you are using the franking machine, what type of mail you are posting and how much of it. The following is an overview of the basic supplies that most franking machine users will need.

Franking Machine Ink

Probably the most important consumable related to franking, ink pricing needs to be researched thoroughly. Franking machine ink cartridges should be reliable and long lasting if you are to feel the full benefits of franking your own mail. Royal Mail rules also state that the ink should be red at all times unless you are using cleanmail or business mail, in which case the ink should be blue.

It can not be overstated that your franking machine ink cartridge should be carefully chosen. Very often the cheaper option ends up costing more in the long run with poor quality printing that is not accepted by Royal Mail, or cartridges that rapidly run dry.

Envelopes And Other Packaging

Envelopes and packaging in general can be of various shapes, sizes and colours as long as the information is clearly presented. For most companies, the need for the franking machine itself would mean that bulk supplies will be needed. Specialised packaging, such as envelopes and boxes, might be better suited to the operation than cheap generic packaging. Although more rugged packaging can be more expensive, buying franking machine supplies in bulk is usually cost efficient.

Franking Machine Labels

Franking machine labels are an extremely important part of the whole franking practice. Many packages cannot be processed through the franking machine and so suitable labelling is the best solution.

Labels must be of the opposite colour of the package so they can be easily differentiated between from the package itself. Specialised franking machine labels are available from most franking machine suppliers.


As well as the essential supplies listed above, there are other products that can help the process and maintain the efficiency and health of your franking equipment. Cleaning products such as anti-static wipes and alcohol based liquids are best used regularly and even specialised hand cleaners can be useful in preventing long term use problems

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Branded Suppliers

Office Scape

office scape logo franking machine supplies

Although Office Scape cannot be compared in terms of size to the behemoths of the industry such as Pitney Bowes and Neopost, they do offer a terrific range of franking machine supplies at very affordable prices.

With over 20,000 customers worldwide, although the range of products offered are competitively priced, the quality of their range is highly thought of.

Pitney Bowes

pitney bowes frankng machine supplies

One of the world’s largest suppliers of franking machine ink, Pitney Bowes are simply one of the first names that come to mind when franking machine supplies and office equipment in general.

With franking machine cartridges being the largest expense after the machine itself, the need for these supplies to be of the highest quality is utmost and Pitney Bowes are thought to offer the highest quality products on the market.


neopost franking machine supplies

Neopost are probably the main rival to Pitney Bowes and their huge customer base. The main reason for their success in the franking machine supplies market is their terrific range of special offers, especially for those that deal in bulk orders.

Franking machine ink cartridge prices can make a serious dent in the profits of a company trying to save money by franking their own mail so finding the right deal for your franking machine supplies can make a huge difference and Neopost are one of the most popular places to begin that search. For more information see our web form.

Branded Vs. Generic Supplies

As you might expect, branded franking machine supplies tend to be a little more, or in some cases much more, expensive than their generic counterparts, but are there reasons to be cautious when taking the cheaper option?

This can often depend on the size and type of operation you are running. For some companies it can make sense purchasing the cheapest option because their franking needs tend to be a small part of their venture. For the most part it is generally recommended that you buy branded franking machine cartridges because they tend to be longer lasting and of higher quality.

What can often be a false economy when buying generic franking machine supplies can often lead to further expense and delays that can also result in loss of profits.

Next Steps

Whether it is franking machine labels, ink, packaging or machines themselves, the options available can be a little overwhelming. Choosing the wrong supplier can lead to large losses in the long run that result in the whole franking venture being an expensive mistake as well as a time consuming one.

By filling in our simple to use web form, it should not take any longer than a minute, you can filter out the suppliers and products that do not suit your business’s size, type and budgetary requirements.