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By Dan Barraclough

Franking Machines – Who Are The Big 4 Suppliers

Franking machines are devices that have automated the postage stamping of mailing items without requiring the purchase of paper stamps but using their own, usually inkjet, printing system.

All sizes of franking machines are made by various manufacturers although there are four companies that stand out as being ‘The big Four' of franking machine makers:

  1. Pitney Bowes
  2. Quadient
  3. Frama UK Ltd
  4. FP Mailing (Francotyp-Postalia)

All of these manufacturers are Royal Mail approved suppliers you can rest assured that their products are of the highest quality. Franked post is cheaper than using stamps with discounts of up to 34% compared to conventional stamps.

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1. Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes should probably be mentioned first since it was Pitney Bowes co-founder Arthur H. Pitney that first conceived the idea in 1901 shocked at how easy office staff could steal company stamps for their own use.

Pitney Bowes has continued to produce franking machines, other mail room equipment and even office automation such as photocopiers, printers and fax machines. Today Pitney Bowes is well known for their high quality machines ranging from the DM50 capable of up to 50 letters a day and consisting of an integral weighing platform, right up to the Connect+ 3000 Digital Franking Machine processing around 300 letters per minute.

The DM Infinity series can process a staggering 22,000 mail pieces per hour and represents top of the line high capacity and virtually non-stop printing.

For more information visit: Pitney Bowes Franking Machines models

2. Quadient Franking Machines

Quadient (formerly Neopost) is reported to be the number one franking machine supplier in Europe and number to the world over, with machines to suit every size of budget and company.

The Quadient Autostamp2 (IS-240) is the entry level franking machine available for a free 30 day trial and rental possibility of as cheap as £16.99 a month. The Quadient IS-6000 can process up to 300 mailing items per minute and a dynamic scale which can measure, weigh and stamp in one movement through the feed system.

A high capacity envelope feeder can stack 7 inches high and be added to before the stacking tray is empty which keeps the machine running and reduces over all processing time required. There is a large 15″ control panel and a full keyboard to make accessing departments a breeze.

For more information visit: Quadient Franking Machines models

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3. Frama UK Franking Machines

Frama UK recently announced that all of their franking machines will come with a back lit display making them even easier to use. All Frama franking machines employ Frama ComTouch touch screen technology which enables users to program one touch keys for regular use instead of navigating through complex screens to perform daily functions.

Frama UK produce the Matrix F2, Matrix F3 and Matrix F4 models. The Matrix F2 is an entry level machine but has some features not found on equivalent machines by other manufacturers including 18 programmable one touch keys, envelope thicknesses of up to 10mm and ‘plug & play' ink cartridge replacement.

For more information visit their website: Frama UK Franking Machine models

4. FP Mailing (Francotyp-Postalia) Franking Machines

FP Mailing franking machines start with the PostBase mini as an entry level machine with wifi-enabled franking, scale with weighing platform and 3.5 inch colour display.

The PostBase Office and PostBase Enterprise are the very popular low and medium volume machines with a 5kg scale, helping you get accurate pricing every time.

For more information visit: FP Mailing Franking Machine models

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If you're looking for franking machine maintenance and service companies you may also like to try:


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  • Northern Services

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North England

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  • Mailcoms Limited
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  • Ashcroft Mailing Solutions


  • Kane Mailing Systems Ltd

Southern England

  • Mailing Systems (Europe) Ltd
  • FPIMS Southern Ltd
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  • NSL Mailing
  • European Postal Systems Ltd

London Based Franking Machine Suppliers

The Royal Mail website lists 19 authorised companies in the UK who can “inspect, maintain and repair franking machines.” Of these only two are based within London proper:

SMarTech UK plc

An independent supplier based just outside the City. SMarTech has been around for over two decades providing repair and maintenance work for both Pitney Bowes and Neopost franking machines.

OMM Group

The ‘OMM Group' has 20 years experience as a leasing adviser of top quality mailing equipment to large and small companies across the UK.

Being independent means they have the ability to constantly source the best deals for their clients, and are in the position to provide a comprehensive range of finance solutions, and money saving rental and leasing options on their range of Franking Machines and postal equipment.

They have a selection of low, medium and high volume machines to suit the requirements of every size of organisation from the smallest independents to the largest multi-nationals. The ‘OMM Group' has offices covering the City, Central London, the West End and the Home Counties.

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