Franked Mail Postal Rates 2020

By Dan Barraclough

2020 Royal Mail Prices for Franking Machines

As of January 2020 the following changes to the cost of postage in the UK became effective:

  • First Class stamps for a standard letter increased from 67p to 70p
  • First Class Mailmark® franked mail increased from 57p to 61p
  • Second Class stamps increased from 58p to 61p
  • Second Class Mailmark® franked mail increased from 39p to 41p

Franked vs Non Franked Price Comparison

2020STAMPSFRANKINGYour savings…
1st Class Letters70p64p8.5%
1st Class Small Parcel£3.55£3.482.0%
2nd Class Letters61p47p23%
2nd Class Small Parcel£3.00£2.903.3%
Special Delivery™ Next Day£6.60£6.353.8%
Special Delivery™ 9am£19.28£17.966.8%

Postal prices have been rising sharply since 2005, and show no signs of slowing down.

Although franked mail prices have also increased, businesses who rely upon the postal system for marketing, invoicing, and client correspondence are still getting the best deal by renting or buying a franking machine for the office, as the price of stamps has risen at an even greater rate.

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During 2020, business owners who utilise the discounted rates offered by Royal Mail for franked post can also save their company from overpaying or even underpaying, as today's franking machines offer real-time updates on costs, ensuring postal calculations are always correct. This is clearly a huge advantage not only when sending out mass mailings but also when sending out individual, everyday pieces.

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