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Frama Franking Machines - 2018 Prices & Information

Frama is a company specialising in efficient mailroom solutions. An international firm with headquarters in Switzerland, Frama was established more than 40 years ago, and since its inception has provided bespoke solutions for the safe handling of sensitive and financial information.

The company manufactures front-end units such as automatic letter openers and franking machines, but it’s remit doesn’t end there. The firm also supplies clients with a no-cost postal audit. While the digital mailing industry is super-competitive, Frama takes great pride in the fact that it was the first company to get Royal Mail’s seal of approval for the innovative Mailmark technology in the UK.

Today, the company prizes mailroom security, functionality and convenience in the machines they produce. In 2015, Frama was named ‘Best Franking Machine Manufacturer in the UK’ by Wealth and Finance International.

Frama Franking Machines Review
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What Franking Machines do Frama UK offer?

As there are a number of Frama machines to choose from, Frama offer product demonstrations, a non-obligatory assessment of your needs and transparent quotations. This helps to make choosing the correct machine much easier. All the franking machines they offer process business mail quickly and efficiently with the minimum of noise.

Frama Matrix F12


An entry level franking machine ideal for smaller businesses

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Frama Matrix F22


A slightly faster franking machine aimed at busier small businesses.

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Frama Matrix F32 / F42


These mid-volume franking machines are a more powerful upgrade upon the low volume Matrix F franking machines. These devices will quickly improve productivity and help to streamline mail processes at small and medium businesses.

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Frama Matrix F62 / F82


A step up in terms of processing and technology, these franking machines are designed for large, busy businesses.They are powerful, feature-rich machines that process mail items rapidly. Perfect for high-volume mailrooms.

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Frama Franking Machine Features

Frama's Swiss made "smart" franking machines have touch screen technology making using them easy to use and ensuring that they are suitable for dealing with any volume or type of mail.

Frama's machines can be linked to weighing scales, which means that after stacking the post on the scales each envelope can be franked individually ensuring that the correct rate of postage is charged automatically for each item.

Each machine has OneTouch keys meaning that selecting the correct tariff and mail type is done by the touch of a single key. You also have the option of setting your most used mail option so that you do not have to spend time searching through unwanted mail options.

How Much Do Frama Franking Machines Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer accurately as there are a whole range of buying and rental options. At the low end you can get an EcoMail machine from around £20 a month or purchase outright for about £1,000.

At the high-end the Mailmax II Speed typical costs at least £300 a month or over £10,000+ to purchase. Keep in mind that these prices often do not include mandatory service contracts, ink refills or the price of postage.

Fortunately, Expert Market makes it easy to compare prices for all your different options by simply filling in one simple form. CLICK HERE to get started.

Cost of Consumables

As with all franking machines, there are on-going costs in the form of consumables. The most significant cost businesses will encounter will be ink cartridges. There are a multitude of cartridge suppliers available for Frama machines and shopping around can help significantly reduce your costs. Depending upon the model and supplier chosen ink cartridges can cost between thirty and one hundred and twenty pounds each.

A further cost to be considered is the cost of maintenance. Some leases may include maintenance visits, but this is not always the case. There are different levels of maintenance service contracts available with differing levels of cost. These contracts will give support in the event of a breakdown as well as carrying out the compulsory annual service.

Optional Extras

Purchasers of Frama franking machines can purchase add ons in the form of scales, conveyor stackers and auto speed feeders. Scales are used to help ensure businesses do not lose money through over paying on postage. Conveyor stackers are used for bulk mailings and allow an automated flow from feed to stack. The automatic speed feeder will also help speed up bulk mailings with minimal user intervention.

The costs of these optional extras vary between suppliers and discounts can sometimes be negotiated. Contacting suppliers is important to get a personalised quote. Lastly Frama offer Cleanmail Advance with its franking machines.

Cleanmail is bulk mailing discount service which offers discounts of up to eighteen and a half percent off mailings. It is generally considered suitable for businesses that have mailings of over one thousand letters at least three times a year. The licence is purchased from Royal Mail and the licence details are passed to Frama to update your machine.

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