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Digital Mailing Scales

Digital Mailing Scales

What are Digital Mailing Scales?

Digital mailing or postal scales are used to determine the exact weight of letters or parcels and can precisely calculate how much postage is required. Mailing scales range in the weight of items they can take.

There are mailing scales suitable for just letters and small packages and others which can weigh items up to 30 kg. There are postal scales, warehouse scales, letter scales and pallet scales.

Each can be used either for basic weighing or some types come with preset postal rates for national and international tariffs, meaning they can calculate the cost of postage to any destination in the world. There are mailing scales available for personal use right up to scales robust enough for a mail room in a corporate enterprise.

The accuracy of many modern digital mailing scales is close to 100%, with a 0.1% margin for error and many of the newer models available automatically recalibrate each time that they are turned on, meaning that accuracy does not lessen with age.

How do Digital Mailing Scales Work?

When a letter, parcel or package is placed onto the weighing platform, the weight is automatically detected and the price of postage can be calculated depending on the type of delivery required and the destination. The correct number of stamps can then be used to cover the cost of delivery.

Another option, however, is to use an online shipping or postal service. If this is used, then after entering the basic information required for delivery, a pre-paid postage label can be printed from a computer. Internet access would obviously be required.

The parcels would then either be collected directly by the company used or would be taken to a drop off point for shipping. With this later method, a tracking number would be given which enables all parties to track the parcel and closely estimate the delivery date.

The Benefits of Digital Mailing Scales

The main benefit of using digital mailing scales is that, depending on the accuracy of the scales used, postage costs can be kept to the minimum - one would only pay for the postage needed. Scales do vary in their accuracy though, so the best solution is to have the most accurate ones possible.

By using digital mailing scales, trips to the Post Office and losing time queuing also becomes a thing of the past. If such trips are a regular occurrence, then money will be saved on petrol getting there and back and the time lost going.

To make money out of selling things online then precise postage and packaging costs are a must, as nobody wants to lose money from underestimating postage costs to a client. Some companies even incorporate postage costs into the cost of their product and then offer free postage, to make using that particular product or company more appealing.

Consumers also do not want to pay extortionate postage prices; often with online shopping a flat postage rate will be quoted which will not reflect the size of the order, so people may be deterred from placing an order if only one or two items were wanted.

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