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Cheap Bulk Postage Franking Machines

Cheap Bulk Postage Franking Machines

Below, we'll take a look at the benefits of cheap bulk postage franking machines and some of the fees and expenditures associated with buying, renting and using a franking machine.

Bulk Postage Franking

The best thing about bulk postage franking machine charges is that they are set by the Royal Mail and franking machine rental companies are not allowed add profit to postal rates.

Cheap bulk postage with franking machines can reduce the cost of 500 2nd class standard sized letters from £180 down to £130.

IT simple really: the more letters you send, the greater the bulk postage savings generated by using a franking machine. Cheap bulk postage franking machines can cost as little as £995 from many of the well established office equipment dealers in the UK.

High Volume Bulk Postage Savings

High volume franking machines can start from around £10,000 for a machine capable of processing 300 mailing items a minute, which can achieve cheaper bulk postage costs.

The high initial cost is compensated by the fact that more mail can be processed and sent in the same day to achieve the highest savings.

The Royal Mail only allows franked mail to be sent on the day that they are franked, so a high volume machine could process a high number of letters on particular days to achieve the highest discounts.

A good example of just how cheap bulk postage franking machines can process letters for is shown in the case of 1000 2nd class letters normally costing £360 using stamps.

The same amount of letters franked by a Neopost IS 5000 Smart franking machine would cost just £280. The savings speak for themselves. A low volume franking machine could not print the same amount of letters during one day and so can only achieve a certain amount of savings that are still much cheaper than using stamps.

Renting Bulk Postage Franking Machines

Renting bulk postage franking machines can be done from as cheap as £20 a month for a basic or small business franking machine up to a few hundred pounds for a top of the range machine that would normally cost tens of thousands of pounds to buy.

Renting franking machines is the best way to keep mailing costs low without the heavy burden of a large financial outlay. Since the value of franking machines will only drop over time it may well be better to sign up to a good rental agreement, which will include maintenance cover and the cost of any and all ink cartridges.

Next Steps

Is your office looking to cut back costs and work more efficiently? Yes? Then a bulk-postage franking machine might be right for you. To start comparing quotes from suppliers, just enter your details into this simple form. One of our team will contact you to talk through your franking needs and then, when we know what you need, we'll connect you to the best UK suppliers for your business.