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Buying A Franking Machine

Advantages of Buying a Franking Machine

There are a few options available to a company if they wish to take advantage of the benefits of franking their own mail. Renting or leasing can make sense for some but should you wish to buy a franking machine, there are a few options you need to consider.

The advantages of buying a franking machine usually outweigh any renting or leasing options. Here are some of the reasons why buying a franking machine makes the most sense.

Price Assurance

When renting a franking machine you can never be sure exactly how expensive it may turn out to be. In some ways, the longer lasting the machine the worse it can be. When you buy franking machines upfront, you can be sure that there will be no other hidden expenses down the line. As long as the model you buy is reliable, you will save an enormous amount of money in the long run.

Franking machines to buy for under £1000 are rare so this is a significant purchase for most companies but the advantages to efficiency, labour saving and cost cutting usually means that the machine pays for itself very quickly.

Avoiding Restrictions

Many franking machines for rent are not suitable for the companies that wish to use them. That’s because the suppliers tend to be quite protective of their equipment, which is understandable when you consider just how expansive a franking machine can be.

This can lead to warehouse environments needing much more expensive models and the equipment used, such as labels, printer ink and even postage supplies being mandated by the supplier to the significant expense of the your business. By buying your franking machine you can avoid these restrictions and run your mailroom as you see fit.

No Contracts

Should you choose to rent your franking machine, chances are you will be tied to a contract. This can also be a very unwelcome scenario and one that can be very difficult to escape from should you be unhappy. Some of the small print in these contracts can be very restrictive indeed so it pays to research any contract, particularly any long term ones, before you sign it.

Another advantage to buying franking machines is that you have no need for contracts or hidden charges. This can offer peace of mind for companies that need to manage all their outgoings at the start of the month.

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Business Advantages To Buying A Franking Machine

As you might expect, the advantages to businesses of buying a franking machine depends largely on the operation it will be used in. Usually this means the larger the company the more money can be saved by franking your own mail. Small businesses, however, can also take advantage of the many benefits of buying a franking machine.

Small Business Advantages

The price of all franking machines for sale varies enormously and will, of course, depend on the size and model. While some machines can cost a small fortune, the small business models are generally affordable for most operations.

Small businesses essentially have two considerations when researching the advantages of buying a franking machine, these are price of the machine and how much usage will the company get out of it.

As previously mentioned, a franking machine is not an insignificant purchase for any company and the sheer cost of the machine can make it impossible for a lot of companies to even consider. In the long run, most companies that frank their own mail will make their money back easily but this depends on just how often the machine will be put to use. The more franking required, the more sense it makes to buy a franking machine.

Large Business Advantages

Although the initial outlay can still be significant, a larger company can usually buy a franking machine without too much restriction. If franking mail is part of the business then the main question a sizable company will need to ask is how many machines they need and what type of model, or models, will be best utilised.

The money that can be saved by franking for large companies can be enormous, not to mention the streamlining of the process and the efficiency that automation can provide.

Money Saving Advantages

As mentioned above, renting or buying a franking machine can save your business money, regardless of size - although, the more mail items you send per day, the bigger the savings you will see.

You can check how much your business can save by using the savings calculator below.

How much could you save with a franking machine?

Enter the number of mail items sent per day

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How To Buy Franking Machines

Any franking machine for sale that is new will come under warranty but that does not mean you should not properly research your options properly as you can easily become stuck with equipment or payment plans that do not suit your needs.

Buying Outright

If you can afford to purchase your machine outright then you should probably do so. Usually this ends up much cheaper in the long run and after all, that is the point of buying a franking machine in the first place.


Rather than renting it, paying the machine off in installments can be a sensible options for companies that cannot afford to buy franking machine equipment outright.

The main issue with paying installments, however, is this does work out significantly more expensive in the long run. It should be noted that paying a higher rate of installment works out a lot cheaper than the slower option of small installments over a longer period.

Next Steps

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