A Thirst for Success: Hugh Thomas, CEO of Ugly Drinks

Honest Fizz

What comes to mind when you think of a healthy drink? What comes to mind when you think of a fizzy drink? Chances are, you pictured two different beverages. Ugly Drinks are here to change that, with their all-natural carbonated cans of refreshment.

Hugh Thomas created Ugly Drinks with co-founder Joe Benn, as a solution to the compromise between indulgence and wellbeing. The pair were frustrated by the deceptive branding of existing drinks that appeared to be healthy, but were filled with sugar or artificial ingredients, whilst genuinely healthy drinks were simply unappealing and boring.

Ugly Drinks are made with fruit-infused sparkling water and give you the feel of drinking a regular fizzy drink, but without any undesirable ingredients. After overcoming their share of obstacles and setbacks, Ugly Drinks became a reality last year (in 2016) and are now available nationwide, at stores including Selfridges, Whole Foods and Amazon.

Why Ugly?

Though it may seem nonsensical to name their company with an insult, this is all part of the brand’s humourous approach. Where other drinks try hard to look sleek, shiny and perfect, Ugly Drinks don’t bother - working on the premise that their beauty is on the inside.

Hugh recently sat down with Titus Sharpe, president of Expert Market, to explain more about the drive behind his start up.

From Plan to Can

Besides the idea itself, every startup needs a strong support network. Having people who influence, invest and inspire is vital to getting that idea off the ground. This was no different for Hugh and Joe. So what gave them the confidence to make the decisions that they did? How did they choose their network?

In the video below, Hugh shares his thoughts on choosing a co-founder and the mindset behind acquiring funding through family and friends. He also shares his top tips for budding entrepreneurs.

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