Top 20 Cities in the World for Female Entrepreneurs

Business startups are booming around the world! Although how many of those startups are founded by women?

The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking report by Compass researched startups in cities around the world and looked into many factors such as performance & growth, funding, market research, talent and startup experience and ranked them accordingly.

In the research, demographic data collected interestingly included the percentage of startups founded by women. We at Expert Market created the infographic below based on this data and from this ranked the top 20 cities in the world for startups founded by women and the percentage averages in each continent.

It is also worth noting China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea were omitted from the report due to difficulties in retrieving data from relevant participants. However, the report suggests that Bejing and Shanghai would have made it into the top 20 startup ecosystems. Going forward they look to be included in the next report!

Top Cities for Female Startup Founders