How Do I Increase Employee Productivity?

The role of productivity in the working environment is crucial and should not be neglected. Managers should be always aiming to increase employee productivity in a constructive way, especially as individual workloads are constantly increasing. Previously, the rate of company productivity has been determined by demand, external pressures and strategies that value quantity of output over its quality. Increasingly though, architects and designers are looking to break down barriers, both physically and metaphorically in order to improve company productivity. Think carefully about the layout of your office space. Research has shown that open environments encourages collaboration and improves motivation of colleagues. For a fully productive workforce however, consider some of the measures outlined below.

Winning Formula

Jules Hopkinson founder suggests a succinct formula for achieving employee productivity. It starts and ends with the people in the company. He excplains, “it’s amazing what you can do just by having the right people. [Our people] are very resourceful; they know how to add value.” This value comes when resourceful people are presented with a clear direction and should be driven by the company. This direction is a vision of where the company wants to be. This combination coupled with a set of milestones that show that the vision is being achieved and worked towards. Furthermore, individual people (employees) need to have their own objectives, this means that everyone is clear with what they’re supposed to be doing and how it contributes to the overall company vision and long term goals. The right people, knowing the direction that they want to be going in is intrinsic to the productivity of the company as a whole, and thus an incredibly powerful combination.

The “Why” Element

It is crucial not to forget the third element of this equation. In order to steer your company towards complete productivity it is truly important to understand why you and the people in the company are doing what they do. Why do we come to work? Why are we striving to achieve this vision? If you know why you're doing what you're doing it's much more compelling, it's what's going to get you out of bed in the morning, because you know you're going to be creating opportunities for people and that's highly motivating.

Values Based Business

Following the notion of keeping people at the heart of the company will ultimately encourage them to perform at the best of their ability. Removing elements that discourage motivation is another important value. It is intrinsic to observe the work environment in search of problem areas which may adversely affect employee motivation, for example, absence of opportunities for professional development, or the feeling of lack of appreciation.

Power House Company

Overall, if you approach employee productivity not as a set target but as a fundamental part of the company vision you will achieve the greatest results. The combination of people, direction and value are essential to modern day working and company growth. Jules believes that following this formula will help businesses achieve a productive working environment; that will benefit not only the company but employee life, thus boosting success and morale for both parties.

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