How To Make B2B Content More Engaging

It is fair to say that B2B content hasn’t always had the easiest of rides. Hoping to mimic the success of its B2C cousins, B2B marketers once dipped their toes in the world of content marketing. It quickly became clear, however, that dreary whitepapers and dull reports were not going to revolutionise the B2B space in the way marketers might have hoped. Recently, B2B content marketing has stepped up a gear and, for the companies who do it best, it is rewarding them with new clients, new customers and fantastic R.O.I. Here are our tips to help you keep your B2B content engaging in 2017.

The Art of Storytelling

Although your content is aimed primarily at businesses, remember that there are real people on the receiving end of your work. Craft your content with these people in mind and you will see an immediate improvement at both the ideation and the creation stage of your marketing. Note that people remember stories, not facts and figures. If you really want to create B2B content that sticks, try to tell a story. How did you business get to where it is today? What are the successes (and failures) of your story? Readers will relate to this type of content in a way that numbers and graphs can’t quite capture. Remember to leverage your expertise as you create your content. B2B companies are nearly always experts in their field. Use this level of knowledge to your advantage and become an authority for other businesses to turn to.

How Do I Look?

Create content that looks fantastic. In the world of B2B, a visually appealing piece of content will stand out among its competitors, so it is well worth investing a little time and effort into getting this part right. Make sure your content is easy to read. Break down intimidating-looking paragraphs into smaller chunks and use subheadings to guide the reader around the writing.

Still looking a little sad? Images and videos are a B2B marketer’s new best friend. When chosen carefully, images/videos can not only support your copywriting efforts, but will also help your audience to remember you. Countless studies have proven the power of images in content marketing (, and there is no reason that B2B content shouldn’t reap the rewards of visual content.

Think Outside the Box

Finally, remember that business definitely does not equal boring. However you choose to present your content, try to think outside the B2B box. A list of the top 10 influencers in your business niche is good. An interactive graphic that shows detailed profiles of industry leaders and their key works is better.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing and then do it differently. Have they neglected an angle that you think you could cover? If you’re still stuck for content ideas, think as broadly as possible around your industry. If you sell photocopiers to businesses, your content should not be solely limited to photocopiers. Office spaces, technology and even the environment can be made relevant with a little creative thinking.

Today there are so many different forms of content available to savvy marketers. From podcasts and live streaming to infographics and quizzes, there has never been a better time to get your content marketing up to scratch. Brainstorm ideas in your teams and decide if you can make any of these work for your business.