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By Dan Barraclough

Since 1989, Worldpay EPOS systems have been at the forefront of the payments industry in regards to robust, flexible and security minded EPOS products. From humble beginnings, when manufacturing focused on simple but well-regarded electronic payments systems, the company quickly grew into a larger presence when they became one of the first companies to manufacture online payments under the umbrella of RBS. Over the following eight years, Worldpay integrated cash systems became the largest merchant acquirer in Europe and one of the biggest worldwide.

Worldpay was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2016 and with the funds has been able to establish itself as one of the leading EPOS suppliers in the world.

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Reviewed by Expert Market:05/12/2017

Worldpay EPOS Products And Features

Worldpay streamline electronic payments to maximise efficiency. Worldpay's latest EPOS product is the My Business Hub, an all in one point of sale system that can help you and your staff save time and money every day.

My Business Hub

The My Business Hub by Worldpay is an ideal combination of efficient and reliable EPOS software, and modern, high-spec hardware. Worldpay's offering prides itself on giving business owners all the tools they need to start accepting payments, with its all in one package that includes a tablet-based till and payment system.

Prices start from £50 a month with a £250 upfront fee to help you get set up.

Included in the price businesses will receive an Android tablet with preinstalled Worldpay apps, portable card machine and a cash register and built-in printer.

The My Business Hub by Worldpay features include:

  • Accepts contactless, apple pay and card payments
  • Receipt printing and/or email receipts to customers
  • Portable card reader
  • Option to add barcode scanner (+£99.50)
  • Excellent reporting and inventory management facilities


Worldpay mobile card reader

Worldpay's portable card reader lets you take payments on-the-go

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Worldpay Phone Payments

Worldpay Virtual Terminal

worldpay virtual terminalThe Worldpay Virtual Terminal is probably the best known and most widely used system in the UK. Certainly Worldpay UK is right to be proud of its offering, claiming it needs no technical set up and is easily integrated into any existing EPOS computer or tablet.

Because it is designed with phone purchasing in mind, the Worldpay Virtual terminal is well suited to the process, but it can also be used flawlessly for other Worldpay payment methods. In the unlikely event you will need assistance in installing the system or technical information for running it, Worldpay offers a twenty-four hour a day support that is accessible 365 days a year.

Save by Comparing EPOS Quotes from Leading Suppliers

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Like all Worldpay cash registers or Worldpay card terminals, these products reviewed are simple to use and easily integrated into existing systems. Part of the Worldpay philosophy, these products are reliable, affordable and ideal for most retail and hospitality projects. Worldpay UK is one of the highest selling suppliers of EPOS components in the country and has a similar stature in many others around the world. With one of the best customer service and support lines of any EPOS business, Worldpay reviews are consistently positive from industry insiders and customers alike.

Next Steps

When researching which products are available to buy online, you could be forgiven for thinking you might drown in the sea of information and products that are on offer. Because an EPOS system is such a large and important purchase, it is extremely important to make sure you are buying the right products for your needs and budget.

In being overly cautious, it is quite possible your choice will not cover your entire requirements leading you to need to replace the components, or even entire system, in the near future. On the other hand, you can find yourself overspending on an unnecessarily large or irrelevant system. By filling in our simple web form, it should only take a minute, you can prevent such mistakes while saving yourself a huge amount of time and frustration.

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