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Vend POS Software Review 2018

Vend was originally set up as a New Zealand company in 2010 but has, in a very short time, become a global player on the EPOS market. Easy to use and simple to set up, the platform has become popular with many small start-ups as well as bigger retail concerns. Vend’s global reach is perhaps a testimony to the increasing use of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones which means that individuals and, more importantly, businesses can operate on the move and often at a much lower cost. The Vend POS UK office operates from London but they also have branches in Australia, the US and throughout Europe.

The ethos of the Vend founder Vaughan Roswell was to make everything easier for the humble retailer and the original software was developed through listening to a wide range of customers and what they wanted from any payment system. This is something that has continued for the platform as the brand has gained international success with future developments coming on the back of consultations with businesses and individuals on the shop floor. For many beginning businesses the Vend software is an attractive option because the fees are charged on a monthly basis and customers are not tied into lengthy and costly contracts.

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Products and Features

Because of the popularity of Apple products, many businesses will use something like the Vend iPad POS system but the actual software is also available for pc and mac operating systems. That means you can use it on anything that has a browser. It also connects to the latest hardware including cash tills and barcode scanners. There are a number of different payment options depending on the size of your business with $59 (£38) per month the cheapest option and $199 (£130) per month the most expensive. Vend also offers a free trial option for the first month if you want to try the software out.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
EPOS Software• RetailTrial / Extra Small• Cost: free
• Single outlet
• 1 month trial or free plan for merchants with less than 10 products
Medium• Cost: $59 (£38) per month
• Single outlet
• Up to 500 active products
Large• Cost: $99 (£65) per month
• Single outlet
• Unlimited products
Extra Large• Cost: $199 (£130) per month
• Multiple outlets
• Unlimited products

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Vend POS UK Software

vend epos software dashboard

Sell and Manage Products

The Vend software allows businesses to sell their products online or in store and has a number of easy to use functions with simple connection to hardware such as card readers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers. The software provides strong inventory features which means that it is just as easy to manage a few products as it is thousands. Because Vend use cloud based software you can check on sales and stock from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected via Wifi.

  • Cloud based software allows you to log in and start working anywhere.
  • The software works on any device that has a browser.
  • You can work offline, even when the internet connection goes down.
  • The system comes with 24/7 customer care so if you have a problem there’s always someone to help solve it.

Different ways to pay

As with many EPOS packages available today, the Vend POS UK software allows businesses to take payments in a variety of ways from credit cards or cash to gift cards and Paypal transactions. It’s simply a case of connecting up the hardware and your business is ready to go from day one.

Run Loyalty Programs

It’s not only a simple and easy to use payment system that Vend offers with their software package. You can build useful customer loyalty programs and run them with ease. You can also use the software’s in built customer tracking information to build up a strong customer base that means you can target the right people at the right time for special promotions and offers.

Always with an eye on the latest innovations, Vend offers a number of useful add-ons for free such as their iPhone app as well as integration and reporting software that connects seamlessly with the EPOS platform. There’s even accounting software that helps keep those books up to date.

Vend EPOS Hardware

Cash Drawers and Scanners

Whilst the main part of the Vend business is the EPOS software, they also offer some useful hardware such as cash drawers, bar code scanners and tablet holders. Many businesses can integrate their existing hardware with the software but if you are looking to have all new systems then a cash drawer will cost in the region of $100.

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It’s easy to see why the Vend POS UK software is popular with UK businesses with its low monthly cost and no commitment to a lengthy contract. The software itself can be easily downloaded in a matter of minutes onto any tablet or pc and is ready to use, integrating fairly seamlessly with all the usual payment schemes such as Paypal.

Any Vend review should also mention the value added support that customers get. Not only is there a 24/7 customer help line to tackled any problems that may arise but the company also offers the option of a personalised set up through the Vend + scheme as well as support and business training through Vend U.

Next Steps

Finding the right EPOS software for your business can take some time and research and it’s difficult comparing like to like. By using a site such as Expert Market you can get instant comparisons of different EPOS suppliers which makes life a whole lot simpler and helps your business make the right choice.