Best Second Hand Tills And Used EPOS Systems

Buying an EPOS system can be daunting, not least because it is a big financial investment. There are many good reasons to buy a used EPOS system and you can find good deals on second hand POS systems and second hand cash registers for sale.

You should first analyse your business requirements to see whether buying a second hand EPOS system is the right choice for you. Factors to think about include whether you need installation and support, how long you would like a warranty for and what you would like to be covered under your warranty.

Another factor to consider is how modern you would like your system to be. Newer systems are not necessarily better. At the same time, some companies require specific features only available with the newest models of a system, or might want a modern-looking system to impress customers. A used EPOS system might not be right for you, for example if you operate a very high end retail environment.

Best second hand refurbished tills

CasioSE-G1• single roll thermal printer
• double sided display
• refund facility
OlivettiECR 7100• 8 clerk codes
• support for up to 4 payment systems
• colour coded keys
SharpXE-A207• drop-in roll thermal printer
• 5 bill & 8 coin compartments
• SD memory slot
Sam4SER180• large operator display
• 5 sales departments
• 3 bill & 4 coin compartments

Buying a used EPOS system

If you have decided that a second hand EPOS system is the right choice for you, there are several possible routes. You can buy a second hand EPOS system or second hand cash register from a private seller or from a company that specialises in refurbishments.

Buying From A Private Seller

A merchant may be looking to sell on their cash register second hand for a number of reasons. The most common ones are a shop closing or an upgrade of their system. Great places to find used EPOS systems being privately sold are Preloved and Gumtree.

Buying a EPOS till or complete EPOS system second hand from a private seller usually means that it won’t come with a warranty or support. Software and licences may or may not be included – be sure to check the listing carefully and question the seller if you are not sure.

Buying From A Refurbishment Specialist

A refurbishment specialist is a company that buys used equipment from companies looking to update their stock and then fully refurbish the machines. They will usually dissemble each machine, check all the parts and replace any that need replacing, then rebuild them, fully cleaning and repainting them.

Most sellers of used devices will do this for all their machines to ensure they are in as good a condition as possible. Suppliers selling used and refurbished EPOS systems will usually provide a three to five year warranty which includes maintenance and repairs should anything go wrong. They will sometimes also provide installation, training or support. Make sure to compare suppliers to get the best deal on all features you need.

There are companies specialising in refurbished and reconditioned EPOS systems. Some licenced resellers will give you the option of new or refurbished stock – the refurbished stock will be significantly better value, but still come with the same warranties and support. Another good place to find second hand cash register for sale from specialised suppliers is eBay. Here you will have the choice of different types of equipment, from second hand tills to full used EPOS systems, with or without support contracts.

The cost of a used EPOS system

Finding a second hand EPOS system for sale can be a great way of saving money. The cost of a second hand EPOS system will depend on the age and condition of the system, the number of hardware and software components included and whether it has been refurbished by a specialist or is being sold by a private seller.

Individual components like used EPOS tills can be easier to purchase from a private seller. Many refurbishment specialists will sell mostly full systems. You can find used EPOS systems from £99, although this usually includes a service contract subject to a charge.

Next steps

To get help finding the right EPOS system for you, fill in our free web form to get quotes tailored to your business requirements. Expert Market will take your business needs into account and provide you with up to four quotes from selected EPOS suppliers. The service is designed to save you time and money and is completely free of charge. Start comparing prices and find the best deals on EPOS systems today.

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