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Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company that was founded in 1938. The retail store technology division of the company is Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions which is one of the world’s market leaders in advanced POS systems. Specialising in EPOS tills and EPOS systems, they provide a range of solution for small businesses through to major brands. The main focus is retail and hospitality.

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Product categories

The main categories of Toshiba EPOS systems include Toshiba EPOS tills and EPOS systems. They include modular EPOS systems that can be configured to provide complete integrated store solutions.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Compact cash drawers• Retail
• Hospitality
Toshiba ST-a10 Award winning Toshiba till system. Available with 12 or 15 inch screens. Features click release component system for instant servicing
Toshiba TCxWave A highly innovative touch screen till allowing the same platform to be deployed as conventional EPOS terminal, kiosk or customer checkout
Toshiba MA-600Mid range Toshiba till suitable for retail businesses and hospitality. Cost effective and reliable

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Toshiba POS terminals

These range from entry level solutions through to advanced innovative terminals that are truly stated of art. They include TCxWave series which allows retailers to use a single platform in many different deployments across the store; the energy efficient WILLPOS range and a mobile solution the TCxFlight.

Toshiba ST-a10

toshiba st a10 epos till system

The Toshiba ST-a10 is a high quality Toshiba EPOS till which has the acclaim of having won the Good Design Award in Japan. The touch screen till features an ultra-small footprint and a good selection of features. It is designed to provide fast customer check out times.

Attractively designed with several design options, it is available with a 12 inch or 15 inch screen. Screens are sealed against any ingress of dust or liquids giving it high resilience in food and retail markets. There is a click release system which enables components to be quickly replaced by the owner, reducing the need for maintenance and minimising down time. The system uses passive cooling though there is also a fan. A special feature is its ability to switch almost instantly between ultra-low power mode and full processor speed giving high performance and eliminating warm up waiting time. Price is typically from £1220 + VAT.

Main features include:

  • Affordability and high quality
  • Easily maintained with click on access
  • Good connectivity
  • Easy cable management

Toshiba TCxWave

toshiba tc xwave epos till system

The Toshiba TCxWave is a powerful retail solution which is compact in design and highly flexible. There is a range of models, and the same platform can be used for multiple purposes: as a kiosk, a self-service system, or traditional EPOS till. This provides a consistent customer experience throughout the store. The TCxWave is designed to be intuitive to use and highly reliable, ruggedised and retail hardened.

The latest edition to the TCxWave range is Model A30 which has a smaller footprint. It has a highly accurate multi-touch screen and is powered by an Intel® quad core processor with a Windows operating system. The product was introduced in August 2014.

Main features include:

  • Platform can be deployed for a range of uses
  • Small footprint
  • Powerful quad core processor
  • Multi-touch capability

Toshiba Cash Registers

toshiba cash registers

Toshiba Tech supplies a wide range of electronic cash registers (ECRs) designed for various environments. These include basic entry level models such as the MA-156, mid-range models such as the popular MA-600, and top range models such as the MA-1595. There is also a specialist hospitality range. Acknowledged generally as an affordable solution and highly reliable, Toshiba till systems are the first choice for many businesses.

Toshiba MA-600

The mid range MA-600 is an excellent solution for smaller retail businesses and hospitality environments. It includes an interactive LCD display and will accept drop-in receipt printers. It is affordable while being easy to use and maintain. There is a choice of raised or flat keyboards and the model includes a PC interface (optional) for integrating with back office functions. There are two LED displays and an LCD display.

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The Toshiba range of EPOS systems includes world leading products and entry models with a focus on retail and hospitality. There is a solution for all sizes of business from SMEs through to major international brands. This award winning EPOS solutions brand is certainly worth considering, especially if the price point is within your investment budget. While there are cheaper solutions on the market, if quality is your priority then include Toshiba in your options.

Next Steps

Choosing the right EPOS system for your business is a big decision and it is certainly worth investing time to ensure you get it right. The right solution will improve your business and improve customer satisfaction, while if you get it wrong both your staff and your customers will be disappointed.

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