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ShopKeep EPOS Review 2018

In 2008, Jason Richelson operated a wine store in Brooklyn, New York, when his store’s servers crashed, costing the business a considerable amount of money. Looking for a cloud based system he could not find a suitable supplier for small businesses – and so Shopkeep was born.

Over the following years Shopkeep has expanded to serve businesses worldwide. With such recent experience of running a small business that required a cloud based system, Shopkeep are well set up to assist other small businesses to reach their full potential. As of 2018, they have a client base that exceeds 10,000 independent businesses and with a reputation that is second to none, they are expanding into new territories all the time.

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Shopkeep Products And Features

Simplicity on a small scale is the classic business model that Shopkeep project and Shopkeep POS systems are no different. Because they do not focus on large operations, their products are designed with the precision to suit specific business sectors. This kind of focused structure is ideal for smaller and medium sized operations.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
iPad based POS• Retail
• Hospitality
Shopkeep iPad For RetailExtremely affordable EPOS system with no contract
Shopkeep For iPad HospitalityIdeal hospitality setup for entry-level to SMEs
ShopKeep for small shops• HospitalityShopKeep for coffee shopsFully featured EPOS system with an inventory system designed for hospitality

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Shopkeep iPad POS

shopkeep ipad POS

Shopkeep iPad For Retail

Seeing as Shopkeep was originally designed by retailers for retail you can assume they have some insight into what a small retail business might require. Efficiency, reliability and simplicity are the key features of a Shopkeep POS retail system, with sophisticated software that is tailored to suit all possible staff, inventory and sales challenges. Easily integrated with an iPad, or indeed other tablets, this is the perfect product for small to medium sized operations.

Shopkeep does not require a contract so it is well suited to businesses who cannot afford large initial set up costs. Available from around $49 a month, it is an affordable, reliable and very highly regarded system in the EPOS world.

Shopkeep For iPad Hospitality

Shopkeep POS systems are perfectly designed to suit the restaurant industry. With iPad integration and speedy, easily adjustable transactions, Shopkeep is widely acclaimed to be of great benefit to all hospitality sectors.

What sets Shopkeep up as a system that is leading the field for smaller businesses is its ease of use while not losing any of the integral parts of the POS experience. Many thing that are considered to be extras or add-ons for the hospitality industry are included here like keeping track of customer details, loyalty rewards and individually tailored promotions.

Also available without contract from around $49, this is an affordable, flexible and reliable system that covers all possible needs of a small to medium sized hospitality set up.

Shopkeep For Small Shops

shopkeep epos for small shops

As a small retail shop is what inspired Shopkeep to begin with, a Shopkeep POS review for small high street cafes is an important sector to look into.

Shopkeep for Coffee Shops

As you would expect, Shopkeep makes a big deal about their connections to the world of the small independent shops and Shopkeep POS systems for such businesses are something of a flag ship for the company. Well regarded, efficient and flexible, it would seem that Shopkeep are doing something right in this market. Add to that an effective way of garnering customer loyalty by gathering customer information and a thorough inventory system that is reliable and perfectly suited to the industry, Shopkeep is fast becoming an industry leader in this sector.

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Shopkeep may cater towards smaller and medium sized businesses but that should not have you coming to the conclusion that they are themselves a small outfit. A fast growing, international EPOS supplier, Shopkeep are very widely known and highly thought of. Try as we might, we found it very difficult to find a negative Shopkeep review. This is partly down to a thorough and well run customer service department with great support from both the company and the Shopkeep POS system users themselves.

Although not well suited to the very largest businesses, Shopkeep offers systems that suit the majority and is flexible enough to grow with all but the most enormous companies.

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With so many options available, not only in regards to EPOS systems but components, services, hardware and software, it can be overwhelming finding the perfect product for your needs. There are many unreliable suppliers available as well as services and systems that might end up being too complicated and expensive for your requirements. It is also possible to buy a system that will not cover all areas of your business and end up being more of a hindrance than a benefit.