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Best Sharp Retail Systems EPOS Tills 2018

Sharp Retail Systems Review

Sharp Retail Systems are an approved Sharp business partner and supplier and reseller of Sharp branded products designed for use in the retail sector. They with some very high profile British based businesses including The National Trust, Clarks Shoes and the University of Gloucester.

Trading since 1997, the company are one of the largest UK suppliers of Sharp products and supply most EPOS products from Sharp cash registers to touchscreen systems, biometric systems and EPOS terminals. Merchants can rely on Sharp Retail Systems’ Expertise and wide range of models when looking for Sharp EPOS tills and terminals.

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Sharp Retail Systems have an excellent reputation in their field, and are dedicated to assisting businesses in streamlining their operations, improving efficiency and customer care. Their focus on Sharp tills and EPOS systems means that merchants can be sure they are getting the best deals and dedicated service from expert professionals.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures


• Retail
• Hospitality
RZ-x650Best suited for outlet
UP-V5500Best suited for hospitality

Cash registers

• Retail
• Hospitality
XE-A107Great for small businesses
XE-A207Integrated thermal printing

Refurbished equipment

• Various
XE-A106Wide key layout
XE-A102Ideal for sole traders

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Sharp EPOS Touchscreen Terminals

In terms of electronic point of sale systems, Sharp Retail Systems focus upon hardware, specifically the physical terminals that support dedicated EPOS software. The company currently offer a range of different options for UK businesses, some of which are preloaded with EPOS software, meaning businesses do not need to source this from elsewhere.

They are considered to be all round, comprehensive POS solutions suitable for a wide range of retail based industries.


Sharp cash register RZX650The RZ-X650 is a large and stylish EPOS terminal, with a 15 inch screen, which is one of the largest EPOS screens available mainstream, and a smooth, streamlined look to suit contemporary, modern and minimalist businesses. The hardware is suited to both the retail and hospitality industries and incorporates fanless technology to ensure a quiet running sound that won't interfere with the business environment. There are perhaps two downsides to this model, however. Firstly, with just 1GB of memory, the RZ-X650 is limited in what it can store, whereas other models from different brands may come with up to 16GB of memory. Secondly, the hardware does not come with compatible software included, although Sharp Retail Systems do ship this product with a free trial of the StaRRt-Now PCPOS software. Prices are around the £850 mark for this model.


Sharp cash register UP-V5500The UP-V5500 is designed primarily for the hospitality industry, with a full colour 15 inch touchscreen that can be stand or wall mounted depending on preference and premises. Like the RZ-X650, the UP-V5500 incorporates fanless technology, so businesses are unlikely to be affected by audible running sounds. This model is considered to be one of the fastest available through Sharp, utilising the Intel Atom processor for quick and smooth running, whilst maintaining a high standard of energy efficiency, perfectly suited to businesses looking to 'go green' or those working towards industry standards. The WEPOS POS Ready operating system includes everything one would expect from an EPOS system, including both front of house and back office management. A possible downside for many businesses is that the OS is very niche, including functions such as an interval drinks management service that would simply not be beneficial to the majority of businesses. Users could therefore find themselves paying for features they can't use or don't require. The price for this system is approximately £1500.

Sharp EPOS Tills

Sharp Retail Systems are the go-to suppliers for Sharp EPOS tills. The wide range of models they supply makes them an ideal supplier partner for any merchant, especially since they stock both the newest products as well as older and refurbished models.

XE-A107 and XE-A207

Sharp cash register XE-A107

These Sharp cash registers models are very popular for a good reason. Both the XE-A107 and the XE-A207 are entry level cash registers that don’t skimp on features. They are perfect for new merchants because they don’t have a host of unnecessary gimmicks to drive the price up, but they can handle everyday merchant tasks very effectively and won’t leave you feeling like you need to update your equipment as soon as your business experiences its first growth spurt.

Both Sharp tills feature clear displays and programmable keyboards. The XE-A107 features a drum printer, while the slightly newer XE-A207 has an updated thermal printer which is much faster (1.4 lines vs. 12 lines per second) and much more quiet.

XE-A106 and XE-A102

Sharp cash register XE-A106

The Sharp till models XE-A106 and XE-A102 are both slightly older, but tried and true. They are a favourite among new merchants who don’t need many features on their tills, and those looking to save money by purchasing a refurbished till. These two models are known for their efficiency and reliability.

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Sharp Retail Systems are the biggest and most reliable supplier and refurbishing specialist for Sharp EPOS products. They should be first choice both for anyone with their mind set on investing in a Sharp cash register and for anyone looking for a good value for money product that is durable and reliable.

With Sharp Retail Systems as your EPOS supplier you have the choice of anything from the newest, top-of-the-range EPOS terminals to tried and true cash tills that have been merchant favourites for years.

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