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Samsung EPOS Systems - 2018 Review

Samsung are a behemoth in the electronics world. With their hands in an enormous range of product types from mobile phones to televisions, the Samsung brand is as popular as any on the planet in the 21st century. Founded in Taegu, South Korea in 1938, this multinational entity leads the way in technological innovation and ingenuity.

From its humble beginnings as a small export company, Samsung expanded globally in the 1980s and became one of the only South Korean companies to continue to expand during the 1997 financial crisis that rocked the region. Samsung continue to expand their knowledge and manufacturing innovation to this day, including into the arena of EPOS systems and components.

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Samsung Products And Features

Samsung offer a range of products and services that go way beyond simple EPOS components. With a customer base that includes international hotel chains and some of the largest food retail outlets in the world, even the largest businesses that employ Samsung electronics and services in their operation usually find everything they need in one place.

Known forIndustryModelsFeatures
Hospitality EPOS solutions• HospitalitySPS2200One of the most pouplar touchscreen tills for the hospitality sector
Galaxy Tab 4 16GBHigh quality tablet device well-suited to hspitality & fitted with it's own security program
Multifunction Scanners• RetailSL-CFW460 XpressExtremely versatile multi-function scanner

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Samsung Hospitality

The Samsung SAM 4S SPS2200

samsung sps220 epos till

Samsung touchscreen equipment is at the heart of many of the systems, in particular the Samsung cash register range and, as an industry leader in this technological field, they offer some of the most flexible and integrative models on the market.

For the hotel sector, the Samsung cash register SAM 4S SPS2200 is one of the most popular Samsung touchscreen devices on the market. Although Samsung are probably more recognised for their wireless and handheld devices, this combination of touchscreen and full EPOS system, is regarded as one of the best by industry insiders and customers alike. Available from around £1000 second hand, it can also be a very affordable option.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 16GB

samsung galaxy tab 4 epos tablet

As you would expect from a company with Samsung’s reputation, their handheld and tablets collection is large and impressive. At the higher end of the range is this flexible and easily integrated into various hospitality systems.

With its own security program, Samsung Knox, this is a reliable and sturdy device with a useful 16GB hard drive to run almost any EPOS hospitality software you might wish to utilise. Available from £230, it isn’t the cheapest option but nor is it the most expensive.

Samsung Retail

Samsung Scanners

samsung epos printer

The Samsung SL-CFW460Xpress is an all in one multifunction printer and scanner. With Samsung scanner technology and its corresponding software, it is easy to convert and digitise documents in an instant both accurately and impressively. The Twain standard and WIA standard compatibility makes it perfect for general use and its 4800x4800 dpi allows for a high standard of scanning.

Available from £270, this is an affordable piece of equipment with a decent amount of features. Certainly it is one of the highest sellers on the market and boasts a large number of satisfied users.

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There is little that any review can tell you about Samsung as a company. With such a high profile in the world of electronic innovation and products, buying a Samsung device can not be described as a risky endeavour.

EPOS as a specific industry is not one of Samsung’s highest priorities, however, the Samsung hospitality range of products and services is as impressive as any you will find from other suppliers. Samsung retail options are not quite as extensively covered, apart from the impressive Samsung cash register range, but the options that do exist are well designed and highly regarded by industry insiders.

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The EPOS market is a large and confusing one for those who are not accustomed to its terms, products and services. Even those well grounded in the language and technology of the industry generally find searching for the appropriate hardware, software, systems and components a little overwhelming.

By filling in our simple to use web form, it should take no longer than a minute, you can filter the results that do are not suit to your sector, size or budget. Being able to compare the correct products for your business’s requirements can save a lot of time, frustration and money. Remember, an EPOS system is not an insignificant purchase and the technology has the ability to transform even the smallest of operations. Taking time to choose carefully can be vital to your business’s success.